Sunday, August 11, 2013

Exclusive fan Encounter with Robert Sheehan

Robert Sheehan, who plays our Simon Lewis in the upcoming adaptation of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones has been filming in the Los Angeles area for an indie film called The Road Within. Two Weeks ago, three Shadowhunters from the Los Angeles institute / die hard Robert Sheehan fans surprised a very humble and charming Robbie on that set.  

Megan and Robbie: 

"They say you can see a person's soul when looking into their eyes - Robbie Sheehan has very soulfull eyes. When you talk to him, his eyes will capture yours without any intent of letting that eye contact go. Not only does Robbie have amazing eye-contact, he talks to you as if you have been best friends for years! When we visited Robbie on set, he teased us by walking out of his trailer in nothing but a pair of jeans -jaws dropped and drool formed- he slowly put on a new shirt, and proceeded to walk back into his trailer. About an hour later we had the chance to talk with Robbie, who had no idea that we were there specifically for him. With Robbie being so far away from home (London), he was awestruck to have three American fans come visit him. Before I left I was able to tell Robbie why he was my favorite actor, and was rewarded with a teary-eyed speechless man standing before me."

Tatiana and Robbie: 

"WHAT IS AIR?!? - The exact thoughts I was thinking moments after meeting one of my favorite actors, Robert Sheehan. We did it. We met him. My life is now complete.

I actually walked back to the car and don't remember how I got there. My mind was consumed with thoughts of meeting Robbie, and when I'd finally come back to earth, I sat in Megan's truck, and we all hyperventilated a little bit - huge smiles still plastered on our faces - and we proceeded to scream our heads off!

Megan, Sylvia and I actually fricken did it. We pride ourselves in being able to say that we found the set of Robert's upcoming indie film, The Road Within! After a few weeks of intense searching and a full day of driving around the LA area, we found set, met Robbie and chatted with him.

He was THE MOST down to earth man I've had the pleasure of meeting. Right off the bat, he offered to take pictures with us, signed our books when we asked him to, and he proceeded to engage in a really cool, casual conversation with us. We managed to keep our composure in spite of all of the crazy butterflies rioting in our tummies. He told us a few things about Comic Con and shared how much he loves The Hunger Games -among other things. Overall, it was the best fan experience of my life. Robbie is kind, funny, genuinely sincere... And DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! His eyes sparkle so beautifully (even at night)!!! This is not something I will NOT easily be able to forget! <3 " 

Sylvia and Robbie: 

"I've been a fan of Robbie since High School and I never thought I would have the chance to meet him since he lives on the other side of the world. So when I found out he would be in LA I HAD to find him. It was quite the adventure, but we did it. We found him! I was sick to my stomach with overwhelming feels. This is actually going to happen. I'm going to meet Robert Sheehan. I kept thinking of things to say to him..over and over and over. But when the time came all those thoughts were tossed out the window. When I finally got the nerve to ask Robbie for a photo he came over and asked why we hadn't said anything before. Megan said we were intimidated, and he replied "We're all the same... One big cosmic bowl of soup." As he put his arms around Megan and I. I will never forget this moment. He is so humble and selfless and Kind. We spent the next 30-40 minutes just talking. He was so engaging and looked in my eye the whole time. He was actually listening. Meeting Robert Sheehan was one of the greatest experiences of my life, not because he is a celebrity or because hes crazy talented but because he reminded me that no one person is more important than another. & also because he took his shirt off. ;) " 

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