Thursday, August 22, 2013

VIDEO: Last stop - The Los Angeles mall tour

The final stop of the Mortal Mall tour was a welcomed surprise for Shadowhunters in the Los Angeles area. Added onto that surprise was director Harald Zwart, and actor Robert Sheehan, giving fans a chance to hear from Harald and Robert, along side Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower, Kevin Zegers, and Cassandra Clare!

Fans started lining up at 5PM on Monday, for the mall tour on Tuesday! Over 500 fans were at the event!

This event was very fan friendly! With the Q&A held outside, fans who were not able to get a wrist band for the signing had the chance to stay near the vicinity, and hear all that the cast had to say!

In case you missed it, we video taped the entire interview in three parts! Welcome to the city of LA's virtual mall tour:


So, to re-cap there was: Harald getting some inspiration from the Exorcist, Cassie living in a closet in New York City, Robbie announcing his tendency to go commando, Kevin checking to see if Robbie is in fact going commando, Jamie shipping JAKE, Lily's impersonation of Hermione Granger, the entire cast, director, and author of City of Bones singing Happy Birthday, and moderator Jo Jo refusing to continue on with the interview until a lucky fan had made it on stage, and seated perfectly between Robert Sheehan and Cassandra Clare. What a whirlwind of fandom feels!

All day the fans had an amazing chance to collect free swag and explore special Mortal Instruments related activities from taking photos as a Shadowhunter, Mundane, or Downworlder, to putting on some temporary rune tattoos and playing with NYX, the official make up for Shadowhunters! Take a look, and hear from the fans:

Hot Topic giving away free rune tattoos, and rune and character pins out to fans!

Mortal Instruments fan Jackie Marielle getting the Shadowhunter make over
 "I am most looking forward to Lily Collins" - Jackie Marielle

Mortal Instruments fan Anneliese Parenti visited the temporary rune tattoo booth
"I chose my favorite rune, Strength. It's my favorite because I love the shape of it, the drawing of it, and I like what strength is used for in the books. Jace is my favorite character and he is very strong" - Anneliese Parenti 

Super fangirl sisters Abigail Huffnagle and Emme Silva

"We are superfans because Cassie is amazing. She is an amazing writer and she picked the perfect cast!" - Abigail Huggnagle and Emme Silva
Mortal Instruments fan Abigail Huggnagle

"Oh My Gosh YES, Jamie is my favorite because he is really cute, and I saw him in other movies, and he is just an amazing actor, and singer, and asgavesg!!!" -Abigail Huggnagle (The language of the fangirl, I'm fluent)
Emme Silva

"I was probably the happiest person in the whole entire world! I was like, I could have done cartwheels but I'm wearing a dress! Clary is my favorite character, even though Jamie is super super duper cute. Okay, yes, really cute. He's my second favorite." -Emme Silva 

Do you have any amazing stories from the Los Angeles Mortal Instruments mall tour? Share your experience in the comments below! Don't forget to tell us your favorite part from the videos above!

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  1. There were a million and a half fellow Shadowhunters at the LA mall tour! Or that's what it felt like-- especially when after waking up at 4 AM to get through LA traffic, and then realizing there were already way more people already in line than wristbands hours before wristbands started to get handed out! Disappointing? Yes. But the swag booths they had set up for everyone-- wristband or not-- were really awesome. However, many fans left once the wristbands were given out and we realized there were so few wristbands to go around. Basically, if you didn't get there the day before (which we were told was not going to be allowed), you didn't get one. But staying was worth it all, because as you can see, the interviews were great, the energy was great, and even if we didn't get our books signed, it was still a good time. Oh, and thanks for the free water bottles, Americana people! That was way nice. All in all, great time! Just more wristbands next time, please! Please!!!


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