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THEORY TUESDAY: Bloggers discuss predictions on Jem Carstairs

We all have very anxious feels about what will happen in the final Infernal Devices book Clockwork Princess. So, in a way to hash out the theories (reader bewarned if you haven't read the series... we may talk spoilers), I've enlisted the help of some of my favorite bloggers (@TMIShadwhunters, @TMI_colombia, @TMIspanishnews, @shannoncatori, @TMICanada and @ThePaisleyOwl) to discuss our predictions and debate some of your favorite theories.

This week we take on final theories for Jem Carstairs:

Shannon Catori, TMI Institute:
Honestly, as much as I love Will, I also love Jem and my love for each of them has nothing to do with Tessa. Ultimately I want both of them to be happy and yes they both would be extremely happy to have a life with Tessa, but that happiness also dives deeper than Tessa because of the love they have for each other and also the lives they lead separately.

Unfortunately, I think Jem will die, but because he wants to. I think he will no longer want to battle his illness or have to feed his addiction to survive. He's lived a life filled with happiness, he's loved and was loved by his friends and by Tessa and I think he'll be ready to give up the fight and live the last few moments of his life surrounded by those he cherishes.

Amber, TMI Institute:
Jem Carstairs is by far the fictional love of my life, and I dread what will happen to him in Clorkwork Princess. I've heard several theories, but there are a few main ones I'll cover quickly.

He'll live but be Brother Zachariah ... OR
He'll die to save Tessa and Will ... OR
He'll live and marry another girl.

I desperately hope Cassie will keep him around.*breaks out Kleenex now and grovels*. I'm really scared, based on that latest Shadowhunter Tarot, that my worst fears are correct. I don't even care if he stays with Tessa or not at this point. I just want him to find a happy ending. I mean, there is a Carstairs in the future. There must be some way the lineage lives on....

 If he must die, let it be something sweepingly romantic and heroic so we never, ever forget how amazing he would have been if he lived.  There's no good answer that will make me completely happy. There's tragedy afoot I'm afraid.

Celine, TMI Canada:
I can’t decide on whether Jem dies or not.
Scenario A: if Jem does die, it will be a heroic and noble death. He would probably be defending either Tessa or Will. Jem would probably take a bullet/sword in the chest for Tessa/Will.
Scenario B: Jem lives. Although many people think that he becomes a Silent Brother, I don’t think that will be the case. If you’ve read Magnus’s Vow, Magnus seemed to imply that Tessa is somewhat lonely. Eternity is a long time, I just hope that Jem gets a happy life filled with a wife and kid(s).

Satin, TMI Institute:
I am for sure a Jem Carstairs girl. Jem is one of the sweetest fictional guys ever. Sadly, I feel that Jem will die in Clockwork Princess. All I want for Jem Carstairs is for him to truly be happy. If Jem does die my heart will be broken. Lots of people think that he'll become Brother Zachariah. We won't know until we read, but I hope that this is what happens. I don't know what the future holds for Mr. Carstairs, but I believe that whatever happens to him he'll have happiness.

Liliana, TMI Colombia:
Like my friend Lina says, "Will is the man every girl wants but Jem is the man every girl needs". As I said last week, Will is my favorite, but I love Jem too, he's so innocent and pure and cute and talented... 
Based on the existence of Emma Carstairs (TDA) I think Jem will survive. Tessa can't have kids (in theory) so my theory about Jem descendants is that Jem will find another girl after all the war against the automatons.
Tessa is the final weapon in Mortmain's plan, and she will sacrifice herself for all the ones she loves, she will die to save the Shadowhunters. 
For Will, his friendship with Jem is over his love for Tessa. So I think Will is going to find the cure for Jem but he's going to die in the process .
Maybe someone can have a "happy" have a happy ending ...

Humility, TMI Institute:
Based on Cassie's spoilers for Clockwork Princess, I have a feeling Jem is going to die. Who knows when and how cause Cassie always keeps us guessing. But my guess would be that Jem will die just before the wedding either due to his worsening condition or getting severely injured in a battle.  I don't think he will turn into a Silent Brother, I think Will may though. It is sad thinking that he will die before the wedding but didn't Cassie say Clockwork Princess will be bittersweet? I think Jem's last words would be to Will giving him permission to marry Tessa. I doubt Will will marry Tessa because of his strong friendship with Jem. 

Tita, TMI Spanish News:
The only thing I know is that Tessa will survive and is immortal. But Jem.... I'm scared.... He'll suffer a lot... I know it, I just really hope they'll find the cure for him and he'll live a long and happy life But is Cassie who we are talking about here...so again, I'm scared. I think if I keep saying he'll survive it gives me strengh to keep waiting for the book.

Sarah, TMI Institute:
I am very much equally Team Will/Team Jem. As much as I would like to think that perhaps Jem is brother Z, I think he will die. But as Shannon said, I think wants to. He's come to terms with his time being limited, and he very much hates the addiction to keep him alive. I would almost wonder that even if he becomes brother Z if he will still "die" to enter the brotherhood. Much easier to cut ties. I think Wills reaction to Jems death will be the saddest part.

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  1. I like to see Magnus work his Magic and heal James. Will marries Tessa. James finds a girl has a big family. I dont care for the idea that James just gives up. He is.a shadowhunter I dont.see them just given up. :)


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