Tuesday, June 19, 2012

CASTING News: Who is NOT Alec and what else we know

In a series of tweets following a Tumblr post, we are learning information about who will and will not be Alec Lightwood and other casting info. This came right after the announcement that Jemima West is Isabelle Lightwood. Cassie is currently in Vatican City doing research for future series.

Here's what Cassie said tonight on Tumblr:

I keep refreshing your blog waiting for you to post who Alec is XDXDXDXD I'm soooo anxious about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know, I know. I just got asked to hold off on announcing Alec. Honestly, I do not do these things to torture you, I am feeling tortured myself at the moment! I can say he’s a British actor*, he has dark hair, I’m pretty sure you know who he is, I like him a lot, I’m pleased he’s going to be Alec. He and Jemima are going to be gorgeous siblings. (and I just posted some photos of her with dark hair.)
[It’s *not* Nicholas Hoult!]
 And later:
So — I am not going to be able to tell you who Alec is today.
Tweeting “die in a fire” at me is not going to help, though trust me I know why you feel the way you do. I am just as frustrated; I have ripped out all my hair this past hour and now I look like a golf ball.
Basically, I got a call from the studio that Alec and Izzy were confirmed and to go ahead and blog about it. I got through blogging Izzy and got a call saying “Hold off on Alec.” So I waited, and I just got off the phone again and basically: I can’t tell you who Alec is because — well, I don’t entirely know why, but it has to do with his schedule, and telling could get a bunch of people shot.
Or something. I am not entirely sure; Hollywood moves like molasses except when it moves like gunpowder and calls me back halfway through a Tumblr post. Do NOT stay up waiting for this news: it could actually be a few days, though I am going to be optimistic and hope for shorter.
For those asking about all the other parts: there are actors under serious consideration for every major part at this point. Just because Alec and Isabelle’s contracts got finished first doesn’t mean they aren’t in the middle of casting everyone else.
I go back to Vatican City and hide in the Popemobile. In the meantime, at least enjoy that Izzy is cast, she’s great, and we’re on the downward slope: there WILL be more casting news and it’ll be soon and it’ll be cool.
Sorry, guys!

So, based on several tweets from Cassie, we know:
  • She is not sure when she will be able to tell us who Alec is.  Link
  • Jemima's British. French/British — totally accentless English! Link
  • Alec is NOT Nicolas Hoult. Link
  • Alec is NOT Andrew Garfield. Link
  • Simon has NOT been cast yet. Link
  • Alec is NOT Chris Riggi. Link
  • Alec is NOT Douglas Booth - but there is a connection Link
  • Is there a connection with Ed Westwick and a TMI role? Could he be Alec?? Link 
  • Cassie has seen Jemima's audition and will post about it Link
  • Phoebe Tonkin did audition for Isabelle. Link
  • Alec is NOT Ben Barnes. Link
  • Alec is NOT Aaron Johnson. Link
  • Alec is NOT Freddie Highmore. Link
With all this information, we have tons of speculating to do! There's several names floating around that might have a connection to Douglas Booth? Could it be a cast mate from Romeo and Juliet? What do you think? Post your comments below!

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