Monday, June 18, 2012

Meet (Director) Harald Zwart

As we all know, Harald Zwart is the new director of the upcoming The Mortal Instruments movie slated to begin filming in late August 2012 in Toronto and New York. But how much do we know about the famed director who is taking on Cassandra Clare heavy-hitting book series about shadowhunters, demons, vampires and everything other worldly?

According to Wikipedia Zwart was born July 1, 1965 in the Netherlands and was raised in Fredrikstad Norway. He always had an interest in film and at the age of eight began making short films. Later, he went on to attend the Dutch Film Academy in Amsterdam where he won great praise for a student film that was then televised.

Zwart has had great success winning numerous awards for his various short films, music videos and commercials and then went on to direct popular films like the crime-comedy, One Night at Mccool’s (2001)  starring Liv Tyler, Matt Dillion, John Goodman and Michael Douglas and the comedy Agent Cody Banks (2003) starring Frankie Muniz and Hilary Duff. Years later, Zwart found great success directing the remake of the cult classic The Karate Kid (2010) starring Jaden Smith, Jackie Chan and Taraji P Henson.

I think The Mortal Instruments (movie) is in good hands, as producer Robert Kulzer (more on him in an upcoming post) said, “Harald Zwart really understands the visuals and heart of The Mortal Instruments. That was crucial to us…” and Cassandra Clare herself said, “Harald is awesome...” She further stated that he had no problem asking her a ton of questions about characters, portals and specifically, Valentine.

If you watch The Karate Kid, there are some really great visuals so I think this means we have a lot to look forward to from city shots of New York (and Toronto pretending to be New York) to character close ups and maybe even some really cool flashbacks!

**Apparently Zwart's trademark is to include memorabilia from the Fredikstad football club  in all of his films, so make sure to look out for that in the movie!**


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