Sunday, June 10, 2012

Shadowhunter Tweets o' the Week

Week of June 3 - June 9, 2012:

I need TMI casting newsssss SAHDFGDJG

My favorate book is now going to be a movie. Waiting for updates kills.
Shadowhunter Saturday: trends No. 1 worldwide

The argument between Simon & Clary after the Midnight Flower scene!

never trust a duck!! Especially if you're a Herondale! & since I'm a Herondale girl... -runs away- .

Who needs OMG Moments when we've got BTA Moments?

My Mum picked up City of Bones to read. Read about 4 pages then complained of eye ache & closed the book. I know, it's full of awesomeness.

I really hope they keep all this dialogue and banter in the movie. Its priceless

Ohmygod Jace and Clary ftw!!! Ahhhhh!!! Why are they so cute???

Finished . I'm an emotional wreck. I cant even.

Why can't Clary and Jace get over themselves and love each other already! Goddamn shit!

I just started reading . I can't put it down! I was hooked at Nephilim.


I loved . It's my favorite so far. I'm excited for . I just hope it doesn't break my heart. But, I expect no less.

Who's watching ? Mortal Instruments fans should support City of Bones screenwriter

By the Angel, if doesn't get to play Isabelle Lightwood idk what i'll do.

Finally reading the series. Got pretty high expectations for it. Hope I like it...

My one friend I've been desperately trying to get to read tmi bought city of bones today!!!

A new interview (thanks, Zoe Marriott!):

fans, I'm curious, when you read MAGNUS BANE's lines, what does this 400 year old Warlock of Brooklyn's voice sound like in your head?

firstdreamofmysoul asked: Hi! Amidst all the Sebastian-burning-down-the-world-ness, I had almost forgotten...

Lily is back in NY ..know what that means ? ... well idk lol but maybe more casting will be done & we get to know everything

"We'll probably have to knock the door down." "Or not." (Twists nob) "Now that's simply laziness." Will & Jem

Just finished reading "Clockwork Prince"and OMG! Can the 3rd book be release tomorrow already?

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