Sunday, June 3, 2012

SPOILERS: Waterstone Twitter interview with Cassie Clare

Bestselling author Cassandra Clare held a Twitter interview with fans for Waterstone on May 29 as a part of her UK tour. She answered fan questions about a variety of topics, including TMI, TID and movie casting. Most of the Q&A is listed below. There are a couple that I left about solely based on the fact that I couldn't find the questions in relation. BEWARE: This is VERY spoilery if you have not read City of Lost Souls.

"Why did ** call Simon Maccabeus?" the Maccabbees werea Biblical figures-Jewish warriors- it was a compliment!
the identity of Magnus' father is a mystery but he will be revealed eventually!
The cover of CoLS is a photo of the Pont Neuf in Paris and the real buildings around it
It's very unlikely just due to scheduling
"Will Magnus summon more demons in CoHF? " poor Magnus always summoning demons! i am sure he'd rather have another party instead
"if a warlock drinks from the mortal cup & becomes a shadowhunter, do they remain immortal?" the Cup doesn't work on Downworlders
did Jace keep iratzing himself after he became himself again?(After he got the 'new cup' and the rune got damaged)
He doesn't iratze himself -- he's very upset when Sebastian does it
did you ever feel bad for making us think that Clary and Jace were siblings?
"Out of Tessa and Clary, who is most like you? " Tessa -- Clary is not like me at all
have you read the vampire academy serie?
: Are you taking part in the making of the City of Bones movie? Should we expect it to be of your vision?
I have a bit of consultation regarding the movie but it won't be my vision, it'll be the director's
do you have seen the italian cover of CP? do you like it?!
"Anything new about the cast\movie of TMI?" Just that they are doing auditions with Lily this week and there should be news soon!
Never depend on any couple staying together!
I don't really have a favorite character, I love them all, but differently... even the evil ones.
"Was there a character that wasn't meant to have such a big role in the book orginally but you loved so much? Magnus!
"which of your TMI books was the most fun to write? " Probably City of Lost Souls, I enjoyed all the travel to different places
"Even though the angel took the mark of Cain off Simon can Clary put it back?" It's not a very good fix-it! She wouldn't do that
"Is there any chance that Alec and Magnues will be back together? " There is always a chance!
If you could have Clary's powers to use for one time, which rune will you create for yourself? " after this week? 'never get ill!'
"when will we be able to see the cover for clockwork princess? " Hopefully soon, they just did the photo shoot!

Not a good idea when the connection could have come back at any point, like while S was dying, and killed Jace
The subject I hated most in school was math!(s) - cassie clare

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