Sunday, June 3, 2012

Shadowhunter Tweets o' the Week

Week of May 27-June 2

Why are people saying they are unhappy with the cast for the City of Bones movie? There isn't even a full official cast yet. Calm down.

The nod means I am a badass and I recognize that you, too, are a badass.

Harry Potter and Simon Lewis,both hav a glasses,but i choose Simon cz he's
Who are the best? S-H-A-D-O-W-H-U-N-T-E-R-S.
haha fits well RT : Admit it. Simon's middle name is Sexy. Simon Sexy Lewis and his .
hahahahahahahaahahahah RT : City of Bones Box Office Preview: 243248738295349 Milions! AHAHAHAHA
the reason why I love tmi because of charmed .yup ; demons warlocks witches & everything .that was my show !!
I want a Sizzy Sex scene more than Jary sex scene, It would be sooo HOT xD
Realizes that we already have a Simon for but just don't know who he is yet. We. Must. Know.

is trending!! Wonder what Simon would say...
Haha the whole world should have but i guess only us shadow hunters really deserve it because we look
Gosh, I love TMI Saturday trends
I will not make Jace a painting of him with guessed it again...DUCK!!!
Like the pic if you think the letter is sweet.
I realy would love to know if your are still in the race or have been in the race at all...

I'm gonna be beyond excited when the first stills for City of Bones will be released.
Only 75 more days until the filming of City of Bones movie. OMG!! SO EXCITED!! and filming in Toronto tooo!! alkdjfalkdfj
Who's copy have the Dark Transformation story in it. Mine does Mua hahahahha (Sebastian laugh)

. Of course I'm excited. has always been the perfect Jace for me. Way b4 the casting.

Haha, that's pretty cool. An audition's just an audition, nothing more. But it made me a fan of it as well!
looks like he would be amazing as Simon. I hope he is our Simon.
The fact that Lily Collins was a fan of The Mortal Instruments BEFORE she was cast as Clary >>>>
Jamie Campbell Bower's blonde again. I just have all these feels.
So happy to be here with my good friend miss Lily Collins:)

Right now I'm doing a Twinterview -- come take a look at and ask me questions! Use hashtag .

(chuckle) Yes, Destiny n I are tight.

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