Thursday, June 7, 2012

Shadowhunter Saturday Twitter Party: #ByTheAngel

Happy Thursday, Shadowhunters! We always receive great responses for hashtag ideas for our Shadowhunter Saturday Twitter parties. This week was no different. At 11 am EDT, Saturday, June 9th, we will be trending the most famous saying in the fandom:


This is your chance to fangirl about TMI movie casting, the TMI/TID books, characters, etc! The main thing is to be vocal via Twitter so everyone will know how much we love this fandom! I'm teaming up with the awesome ladies at @MundieMoms, @TMI_Source, @TMIspanishnews and @TMIexaminer as always! I hope everyone can join us! Always feel free to share your thoughts and trending ideas on this by comments on the blog or to me at @TMI_Institute


  1. hopefully i can be online xD i miss twitter parties <3

  2. I hope so!! Our twitter parties are a blast!


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