Sunday, June 17, 2012

Shadowhunter Tweets o' the Week

Week of June 10-16, 2012:

One really cute Father's Day one from today:

: You want to give the Mortal Instruments to Valentine for Father's day.

met with director for last month for . no matter the outcome, i'm grateful for the chance! :)

“There's no need to clarify my finger snap," said Magnus. "The implication was clear in the snap itself.”

Still cnt get over City of Lost Souls. :) now my throat hurts because I squeeeell too much :( !!
I would like to be on the City of Bones soundtrack 😍

'The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones' countdown: 433 days

trend reminds me of page 517 of . I hate witchlight now :'(

I knew my Simon was a hero! weee :))

The Mortal Instruments (2013) -

The most important thing for a road trip is a good book.

just messed with my head...

I love knowing that my copy of waits for me at home. It's every bit as good as an unopened Toblerone.

Sebastian you retarded fuck
I'm going to make a playlist tonight. Jace's song by the end is definitely "When I'm Gone"

In Love with Jace Wayland? Read this interview with Jace! Must read | Blogs | The Mortal Instruments Indonesia

": can we wipe Bieber off the grid completely? Lol" HAHA create a BanishRune!

The books are so glossy, pretty and thick!

A JACE HUG! OMG, two months from today it starts. it's starts filming. IT'LL BE THE DAY OUR STALKING BEGINS.

Guess who's the happiest person in the world right now :DDD


Clary: He'd do it for me. If I were missing- Alec: He'd burn the whole world down till he could dig you out of the ashes. I know.

12 Jun Thank you for asking all those questions we wanted to ask. :) And , those answers were yeah...*sigh*. (-S)
Yeah I'm defenitly a super freak... even at 30+
Homosexuality, can be found in nature in more than 350 species. Homophobia, can be found in only 1.

Haven't two weeks passed? When are we gonna learn cast?!

I need Cassandra Clare to update her tumblr. # ShadowhunterWithdrawal
I need cast news and too yeah...
Fans of can now read her interview by on everyone's favourite villain, Sebastian:

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