Saturday, June 2, 2012

Casting Rumors: TMI casting news in a fortnight?

News from the UK signings keeps trickling, and this particular news could possibly be the answer to TMI fans question of when we will find out casting news for City of Bones.

According to Jess aka -daylighter on Tumblr:
"[Cassie] said that casting for the movie should be decided in about a fortnight, at which point they’re going to start being announced. Next week is casting for Magnus and Isabelle, this week was Luke, and apparently they’ve decided on their Simon but it’s just a matter of sorting schedules and seeing if he can do it."
A fortnight is the equivalent of two weeks. Could it be that we would know the new TMI cast in roughly two weeks time? Even though the rumor has yet to be confirmed, signs are pointing to the fact that the information could be accurate. Rumors have been flying about casting for weeks now. The latest IMDb edit is that Chris Riggi has been cast as Alec. Even though we know that Chris auditioned for the role, reader be warned: until we see news from Cassie Clare or from Sony Pictures, nothing has been confirmed.

With all this info flowing into fans, I want to know who you like for the roles not yet filled for the TMI movie? Share your thoughts below.

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