Tuesday, June 19, 2012

CASTING NEWS: Meet our Isabelle Lightwood: Jemima West

Finally, after all the anticipation, we have some more casting news thanks to the wonderful Cassie Clare! TMI fans meet Isabelle Lightwood!

The role of Isabelle will be portrayed by British actress Jemima West, born in Paris on August 11, 1987. Jemima is best known for her work on the French television show, Maison Close (roughly translated as Brothel) in which she has starred in seasons one and two of the show as the character Rose since 2010. The series takes place at the end of 1871 in a luxurious Parisian brothel called Paradise where three women are trying to escape the lifestyle. A young Rose arrives in Paris in search of her mother a former prostitute. Rose is captured and forced to work at the brothel while Vera, a 35 year old prostitute realizes that her career is close to an end and Hortense, who owns the brothel wants to take her daughters away from the place but struggles under the pressures of a local thug who demands  money from her regularly.

In 2012 Jemima gained the role of Vittoria in four episodes of the popular Showcase show The Borgias (2011) about the historical family and their rise to power in 1400s Italy. You can find Jemima in the episodes titled, Stray Dogs, The Beautiful Deception, Paolo and The Borgia Bull.

Jemima has held roles in both French and English television and film. She starred in the French program Jos├ęphine, ange gardien (Josephine Guardian Angel) (1997) and the blockbuster hit Joan of Arc (1999)

Her list of television and film accomplishments are:

     1997: Josephine Guardian Angel
     1998: Joan of Arc (movie, 1999)
     2003: I'm an Actress
     2004: The Guardian
     2004: Madam Principal
     2004-2006: 15A: Cassidy Payne
     2005 -: R.I.S. Forensic Science: Chloe Muller
     2007: The Company of ice
     2007: Eternal
     2008: Trouble paradise: Louisa
     2008: Ben and Thomas Karlsson Liselott
     2009: Camping paradise
     2009: Josephine Guardian Angel: Pauline
     2010: Brothel (TV series): Rose
     2012: JC, like Jesus Christ of Helen Mirren: Jemina
     2012: Lines of Wellington Raoul Ruiz and Valeria Sarmiento

Are you excited to see Jemima portray Isabelle on the big screen? Share your thoughts below!

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