Sunday, June 24, 2012

Twitter 'buzz' on a possible Magnus

Though we’d all be happy with whoever is cast as Magnus Bane, clear fan favourite Shannon Kook sent TMI fans into a Twitter frenzy the other day when he tweeted pictures of himself getting his hair cut (or military buzzed, as he put it) for a guest starring role in the television show XIII.  Well, yesterday in Toronto Shannon, along with other Degrassi cast members, rapper Drake’s DJ, Future The Prince and host, Much Music VJ T-RexXx, took place in a celebrity charity basketball game presented by Muzik for a youth festival held at The Canadian Exhibition Place.

Muzik Charity Basketball Flyer
Shannon posted a number of pictures on Twitter yesterday from the event and it is clear that his hair is definitely not buzzed! We’ll call it “trimmed” so all is safe on the Magnus front, and he may very likely still be in the running to play the part in the upcoming CoB movie.
Shannon Kook and cast of Degrassi

In fact, yesterday (Saturday, June 23rd) Cassie Clare sat down for a chat with fans to talk further casting details. While she didn’t disclose who would be playing the role of Alec Lightwood, she did shed some light on other roles that seem to be close to filled! According to yesterday’s chat it seems that the Magnus auditions are complete, Cassie said:

 "I think we have a Magnus..." and "There's a Magnus everyone agrees on but he isn't cast—they have to officially offer."

From there a fan asked her if the actor cast as Magnus was “relatively known,” Cassie replied:

"Well—I knew who he was!"

So, like I said before, though we’d be happy with any of the potential Magnus’ when we look closely at Cassie’s hint, I think it’s safe to say that we can lean in the direction of Shannon Kook for the part. And that hair... it can definitely grow out in the next two months or so!

Nonetheless, good luck to all the Magnus hopefuls in the next coming days as you begin to hear back from the studio. Thanks for being such gracious and eager actors who just want to do the character proud. All of us TMI fans truly appreciate all of the hard work and effort you put into snagging the role.

Yours truly,
Shannon, your Toronto TMI correspondent

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