Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Caption This: Jamie Campbell Bower and Lily Collins

Caption this photo! Put your caption in the comments section below. We want your most clever captions!! The person with the winning caption will get a shout out on our next podcast! Have fun!!


  1. Lilly: "Hey, look at all this stuff on Twitter about the movie!"
    Jace: "Why do they want to touch my ... mango?"

  2. Lily- Do you think we look good on that picture?
    Jamie- Not as good as we'd look like if half our clothes were off and-
    Lily- *glares at Jamie*
    Jamie- Yes, we look adorable on that picture, Lily. . .

  3. Lily: How many people do you think liked this picture because it was us together?
    Jamie: Not as many as those who liked it because I was there.
    Lily: And. Why would they do that I'm the main character.
    Jamie: but I might just let them touch my ....Mango.

  4. soon to be star crossed lovers stare at... a phone, but they are in starbucks, atleast thats a start.

  5. lily: OMG Jamie i looove your hair in this shot, what products do you use?
    Jamie: i'll write you out my list.
    lily: thank you! and you have to let me borrow those jeans your wearing i love them!

  6. Okay I know this is an old post... but:
    Lily: "Jamie- look at this."
    Jamie: *looks* shit
    Lily: "Who the hell leaked our porn?"


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