Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Infernal Devices questions, answered randomly

As promised earlier today, Cassandra Clare, author of The Infernal Devices, shed a little light (or possibly perplexed our brains all the more) on some of the most important questions fans have asked regarding their favorite TID characters in a post on her Tumblr page.
bluewatersky asked you:

hey, i know your very busy with everything and you can’t give out anything about your upcoming books but I’m rooting for Will and Tessa till the end and I’m going crazy with the ending of clockwork prince, is there anything you can tell me about them to be at least a little bit calmer? anything at all? if you could, please answer. thanks.
Um… it’s always darkest before the dawn? Every rose has its thorn? Live every week like it’s shark week? *Headscratch* My darlings, you know I love you. You also know I cannot in any way tell you anything about what happens in Clockwork Princess. That includes saying whether you will be happy or sad or hinting what to be hopeful about. I believe it’s my job as a writer to keep you uneasy and wondering. Otherwise it’s the equivalent of making a horror movie, having a scene where the heroine is about to descend some creaky stairs into a dark basement, and inserting a frame before it that says “DON’T WORRY NOTHING WILL HAPPEN IN THE BASEMENT.” 
You should fear the basement. That’s what it’s for.*
*Also keeping old prom dresses in.
shadowhuntresschic asked you:
Hey Cassie! You are my absolute favorite author and I recommend your books to everyone. I have a question regarding the Infernal Devices. Will we find out what exactly Tessa is in Clockwork Princess? Also, will we find out who she ends up with? I have a feeling that this book will make me cry based on the snippets…
Yes, you will find out what Tessa is and who she ends up with. I think it would be a big cheat if not. There are some things you don’t need to know because the story isn’t about them (why Magnus was banned from Peru, who everyone saw in City of Glass when they saw the person they loved most, what memories everyone gave up in CoLS) and in fact, the story is better if you don’t know. But the story of Tessa is the story of a girl finding out what she is, so you do need to find that out. And since the epilogue takes place in 2007, I wouldn’t even know how to go about hiding who she ends up with!
arrows-and-steles asked you:
Could you give us JemxTessa fans just a teeny-tiny snippet? Because that WillxTessa snippet you released is starting to make my feels for Will grow again, and when that happens I just stare at my TID books, shake my head, cry and whisper “That woman is ruining my life. I USED TO BE EMOTIONALLY STABLE.”
See, going to me when you’re feeling emotionally unstable about the outcome of the books is like going back to the guy who dumped you to make you feel better about being dumped. Also the Will fans are oft complaining that all the snippets are about Jem. Maybe reread Offering of Moonlight?

 rainidays asked you:

It struck me that I’m going to be REALLY sad when the Infernal Devices end. I mean, I can’t handle what’s going to happen in Clockwork Princess. So I was thinking … what if Tessa doesn’t end up with anyone? The closer the release date for Clockwork Princess comes, the more I’m starting to think that Tessa isn’t going to end up with anyone. So my question is that is there that little possibility that Tessa won’t end up with anyone? (: cause I want Jem <3”
She could totally not wind up with anyone, or she could wind up with someone unexpected. It doesn’t have to be Will or Jem/

infidi asked you:

While rereading CoLS I can’t help but over analyze Brother Zachariah. Everything about him screams Jem from his unwavering loyalty to the Herondales to his soft spoken observations. Yet, in my heart I have this reluctant acceptance that it’s Will. In Clockwork Princess will we know who he is or do we have to wait until CoHF?
Well, you’ll find out who Zachariah is in either CP2 or CoHF. This whole “He’s Will or Jem” thing is just a theory  though. In fact, it’s just a tumblr theory! I never get email from people theorizing this! It’s interesting how it works.

maria-m-author asked you:

The Infernal Devices question: Since TMI was originally supposed to be a trilogy (or so I hear) and you continued the series whatsoever, I’ve seen some people get hopeful for more TID books as well. Is this the case or no?
Definitely not. That’s not to say I wouldn’t do another historical. Maybe even the next generation after the characters of TiD. But TiD ends, and I mean ends. TMI was supposed to spin off into graphic novels and therefore left some open threads. TiD doesn’t leave any. Remember, the epilogue takes place in 2007. We’ll know everything that happened to these characters. Everything.
So, darling readers, what do you anticipate from the final book of the TID series? Who will Tessa choose: Will, Jem, someone different or will she end up on her own? We are less than a year away from the release of Clockwork Princess: March 19th, 2013. Post your thoughts below.

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