Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cassandra Clare talks TMI movie news

While talking with fans during the Twitter hashtag reveal challenge for the cover of Clockwork Princess, TMI author Cassandra Clare shared some updated regarding the latest movie news for City of Bones.

Jamie Campbell Bower and Lily Collins have been in Toronto this week doing pre-production work for the movie. Cassie spoke with Lily and Jamie, who she calls the pair "astoundingly cute" and said that they are "really, really happy to be where they are." She also said that Lily will indeed have red hair for the role of Clary.

There are a few actors up for the role of Simon, but she can't say exactly how many. She did say that they should have an actor cast in the next week or two. Logan Lerman will definitely NOT be portraying Simon Lewis because he will be filming other movies at the time TMI is filming.

Cassie really, really likes the actor who will be Alec. They are working out the schedule for the actor. Once it's settled, an announcement will be made.

There is a potential actor for Jocelyn, but they are working out scheduling details.

Do you have any faves for Jocelyn, Valentine, Simon, Magnus and Alec? Share your thoughts below!

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