Monday, July 16, 2012

Movie Monday #9: Pangborn and Blackwell

We are just over a year away from the theatrical release of ‘The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones’ and the hype for the adaptation of the internationally best selling series by Cassandra Clare will only continue to grow as the release draws nearer. We are even closer, just under a month, until the cast starts filming the movie!
I’ve banded together with other ‘Mortal Instruments’ fansites (TMI Source, Mundie MomsTMI Examiner and TMI News en Espanol) for a new weekly feature called Movie Monday.
Each Monday leading up to the August 23, 2013, release of ‘The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones,’ we will take a look at a scene, moment, detail, etc. and give our opinions on how we think it will be interpreted in the big screen adaptation.

This week, we discuss Pangborn and Blackwell in the scene with Luke. Here's my take on it.

“All the myths are true,” said Pangborn, and Clary felt a small shiver go up her spine. “Or have you forgotten that?” There are a few things that the interaction between Luke and Valentine’s henchmen, Pangborn and Blackwell, do in the plot. It gives Clary, Jace and Simon the key to know who sent the Ravener demon after her mom. It also shows history between Luke and the Shadowhunter world. Finally, it provides proof that although Luke seems uncaring, he is ultimately trying to protect Clary from Valentine.
I’m thrilled that seasoned actors Kevin Durand and Robert Maillet are playing Pangborn and Blackwell. They can deliver menacing performances that will leave TMI with chills of fear and anticipation for what’s to come next.
To read the rest of the post, head over to TMI Source.

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