Wednesday, July 11, 2012

CASTING NEWS: Robert Sheehan is Simon Lewis in 'City of Bones'

Shadowhunters, Downworlder and Mundanes... presenting our very own Simon Lewis....


I just had to let it soak in with a temporary pause. Cassandra Clare, evil author extraordinaire (as she taunted us for a bit about the fact that we had a Simon) was the one to break the news to the fans.  I'll say I had a little hand in helping out with this since I started the #WeWantSimon trend. Luckily, I have Katie, Alyssa, Tita and Natalie along with my co-bloggers Satin, Shannon and Katheryn to spread the word around. And it spread FAST!! Thanks to all the fans that helped!
We managed to get the trend to at least #2 in the world. It might have gotten to #1 but I'm not positive.

Now back to Robert. He's most popular for his role as Nathan Young on the UK show Misfits. He was on 14 episodes, and Cassie loves the show. Most Americans will be introduced to this Irish actor. He is 24. He is known for his role on the TV show Love/Hate, as well as the 2009 film Cherrybomb alongside Rupert Grint. He has also co-starred in the film Killing Bono, alongside Ben Barnes, as Ivan McCormick. He recently starred in John Crowley's production of J. M. Synge's comic play The Playboy of the Western World at the Old Vic Theatre, London, which finished in November, 2011.

He has three IFTA nominations and one BAFTA nomination. He also shared a BAFTA award with the cast of Misfits.

Here's what Cassie had to say:
So remember when I said we wouldn’t have a Simon till July for Reasons?
The Reasons were that the actors up for Simon had to test with Jamie and Lily in Toronto to see how the chemistry worked. When I talked to Jamie and Lily yesterday it was about who we thought was the absolute best, the most Simon-y Simon, and fortunately we all agreed.

I'll have much more about the actor and some of my thoughts on the shows he's been in once I've had a chance to watch them! First up, Misfits!!


  1. I've heard he's an excellent actor, and he's really a cutie. Excited to see how he portrays Simon!!

  2. It was good of the fans to get the trend going but I think it was very rude of Cassie to want fans to trend to receive the news. That was very childish and manipulative behaviour on her part to dangle news like that especially when she knows how much the fandom wants info.

    I love this casting. He's so funny on Misfits and is a really good actor on the other things I've seen him in.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Meh, I don't think it was rude. I think it was fun because it gave a lot of the fans time to find out that there was a Simon and some time for us to fangirl and to speculate about it. Since I put together the Shadowhunter Saturdays, I think that trending is a great way to unite the fandom. We get to meet new fans and talk to the fans that have been around a while.

      I'm getting introduced to Robert's acting. I'd seen him in Season of the Witch before this and really liked him, but watching clips of Misfits tonight has been hysterical. :) I can't wait to see him as Simon.

  3. Robert Sheehan is a good actor. Really good. (Yes I am a fan) I never thought of him when they were looking for Simon but when news broke out that he wasn't American he was the first one who came to mind. His witty remarks in Misfits was what I remembered that made me consider him to be the one they were talking about. I am so gonna miss his Irish accent. But WTH! He's gonna be Simon so I don't mind. He'll really be able to pull this one off. :> I am so stokeeeed! The film is gonna be GOOD!

  4. I love all the cast choices!! I knew if the author of the fantastic books was in charge of casting there would be the right people picked for the roles. I want to see the movie right now!

  5. oh my god!!!!!!!! i am in heaven i cried when he left misfits for days! and now the show sucks without his rude childish flirty dirty funny geeky personality soooooo glad he's going to something else im interested in i have missed him so much over the last year. his irish accent i will miss but at least his gorgeous face will still be present. this has made things confusing i have always been a jace loooover and jamie is sooo sweet but over the years i have grown to love robert so much even though i hate his character arrgh who will i love more cause unlike twilight or vampire diaries i actually like lily and i don't know who i will want her to end up with at the beginning.
    PS in real life robert would have no problem picking up someone twice as hot as isabelle i just don't know how they will make that realistic lol!!! also i hope he gets the accent down but i get how hard thats got to be.and look at the great british leading the cast and isabell gunna be french :o OOO LA LA
    love from after this insane news a mentally crazy fan (in a good way)


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