Sunday, July 22, 2012

On the Sensor

So we were all shocked and super excited when word spread that Jamie Campbell Bower and Lily Collins were spotted in Toronto by a TMI fan on July 9 so naturally the next morning I packed a large bag filled with snacks and lots of cold water (I am six months pregnant!) and headed into the heart of the city to do a little scouting of my own.

I had spent some time studying the pictures that were released of JCB and LC and headed directly some of those key spots (I'd like to point out that by this time I had already eaten all of my snacks and my water supply had seriously diminished) so my first stop was to check out that Starbucks that the two were snapped at canoodling at.

I met my BFF and we sat at a table, camera phones in hand, my list of questions resting under my iced passion tea lemonade and we nibbled on our slices of lemon poppyseed loaf and waited... and... waited... and waited some more. Nothing!

We left the Starbucks and decided to walk around Yorkville a bit, with eyes peeled we stared at every single person with blonde hair, guy or girl and same for any long haired brunette. We definitely got some strange looks from people as we searched up and down.

Later in the afternoon, Sam (my BFF) and I decided to have dinner at a swanky Yorkville restaurant where we sat on the patio and continued to scout as we ate our meals (if you're wondering... I had the gapacho to start, the vegetarian option for my main and a chocolate peanut butter cream thingy for dessert— it was a summerlicious, the menu was set with 3 courses, set price, quite delicious.)

After that we walked around Yorkville and the surrounding area a bit longer but as the sun went down we knew we probably wouldn't find them. Nonetheless we didn't give up and stayed in the area until about 10:30 that night, thinking they might head out for some nightlife fun but...unfortunately nothing!
So I went back home, soaked my swollen feet in some water and put me and my unborn baby to sleep.

The next day we found out Lily and Jamie had been doing some screen testing with the Simon hopeful and the day after that we found out about Robert Sheehan, so my guess is when I was out scouting, they were screen testing. But that won't stop me! Now that we have a more complete cast I'll have more people to keep on my radar as August quickly approaches and I'll be sure to keep you all posted.
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