Thursday, July 19, 2012

CASTING NEWS: Hodge Starkweather

Forget what I said about a twofer! we've got three so far!!!! Keep them coming Cassie, we love you!!!

And now...introducing HODGE! His name is Jared Harris, and he's a veteran actor who's been in tons of TV shows and movies like Mad Men, Fringe, Oceans Twelve, Resident Evil: Apocalypse and lots more.

Here's Cassie's post

Casting news: Hodge
Hodge is also a really complicated character. He’s not entirely bad, not entirely good. He’s a brilliant man led down a bad path a long time ago and he can’t turn back, but he does love those kids he tutored. So if you’ve seen either Mad Men or Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows (in which he was Moriarty), you know this guy, and you know he’s fantastic at moral ambiguity. 
He’s got SAG awards all over the place and I think he’ll really nail Hodge’s moral dilemma. Welcome, Jared!
I told you it wasn’t going to be a boring day!

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