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Katheryn's SDCC 2012 blog

Disclaimer: Any thoughts/opinions given in this blog are merely my own and not the thoughts/opinions of anyone else (unless you happen to agree, in which case, woot!) and I mean no harm/offense to anyone that may or may not disagree with my said things. 

Katheryn's Joyful Trip to SDCC 2012

So I went to San Diego for Comic Con International. You might have heard of it. It's a place where geeks/nerds/crazy, wacky people of all walks of life, of all ages, come together (some dressed as other characters) to celebrate the joy of comics/television/film and the general arts, i.e. Literature. 

I left early July 9th 2012 and arrived late that night after two flights, 14 hr journey (2 hours overlay). Got to the hostel my mum and I are staying at (yes, I'm currently still there because we don't leave for a few days) and was so tired we literally went straight to sleep. The  next morning (Tuesday 10th) we went down to the convention centre about 5am and casually joined the queue outside Hall H for the Twilight: Breaking Dawn panel that didn't start until the Thursday. As ya do :)
There were roughly 100 people in front of it. Well, there were probably less, but people started joining the queue as others had "saved" them spots. Which happened a  lot, and pissed off a LOT of people. Now, most people actually slept out over night, and we would have. But with my mum being older than a lot of the fans, (Although I'm sure there were others her age there, much to their displeasure, I'm sure) we managed to score some pretty friendly camping neighbours who were nice enough to look after our spot and our stuff while we went back to the hostel to sleep. Each morning we'd get back to the queue around 4/5am and stay out all day like true sports we are. haha.
Wednesday came and Preview night started. We had tickets for that day but since they're never anything decent on the screenings we went to the exhibitor hall instead. And by God it's like Hell in that place. All that's missing are the red flames licking the walls around the room. The middle of the room, you can literally not move. It's like, well, take the biggest motor way you can think of and picture rush hour in its element... and heat, and that's what you'd get. A standstill. Luckily, to my advantage, the end i needed was at the opposite end (Yeah, I know, that wasn't an advantage, but I'm getting there) which was the book booths and the advantage was that it appeared not many people read WORDS at this convention. hahaha. 
Most of the booths and the surrounding walk area were fairly easy to navigate (once you found the booth you wanted) and the exhibitors were friendly and welcoming. I managed to grab myself a few freebies. A couple of books, some boothmarks, badges, you know. The good stuff. Although it was my first time going when there was free books so I didn't know the way to go about it. I felt like a cheap skate saying "So...what's free?" but I know that that's the point of going on  Preview night, so I sort of got the point.
I stopped by the Smart Pops booth, which took me ages to find. I got a Shadowhunters poster:

and they scanned my badge so I can get a preview of the Shadowhunters + Downworlders Anthology. (That hasn't arrived yet, but when it does I'll keep you all informed)
I also went by the Summit/Lionsgate booth and got a few badges and posters to do with Breaking Dawn and other movies. 

So that night exhausted us so we went for dinner and went back to the hostel. There was apparently some Twilight party at the camp area that night so we stayed clear because... well... In a sentence as delicate as I can say, I'm a fan, in fact, a BIG fan, but I'm not a big...crazy fangirl. I scream internally. You know? I've certainly calmed down over the years, that's for sure. At first I was like the young girls are now, all flounsy and crazy stalkerish (well.. I was never THAT bad, but... yeah) but I'm way more subtle now. I like to think so. Anyway, so we missed that. Some of the cast from Breaking Dawn went to sign and *in my bragging voice* I've met most of them before so I wasn't bothered. haha
Then came Thursday...
A WHOLE 'nother ball game, as I like to call it.
We got packed like sardines about 8am and then waited until 11am to be let into the hall (which was supposed to be open at 10.30 but yeah, SDCC is ALWAYS  late on schedule so what's new.. eh) but before that they came around with a raffle bag and if you got a ticket with a stamp, you won a wristband to attend a signing by some cast members from Twilight. YAY ME! And my mum won (and graciously gave the wristband to me ) and so Yeah... I was pretty chuffed. I'd won last year as well... I guess San Diego is my good luck charm :)

The first thing in Hall H was a trailer park... where you got given 3D Glasses to view trailers for upcoming movies this year. Some of them I forgot about instantly, but one I liked the look of was Resident Evil 6.. YES another one! Jeez... those films are running nearly as long as Harry Potter! lol
Breaking Dawn panel started late, which also meant I had to miss a good half an hour of the panel because for the signing, we got told to start lining up at 1.15, when the panel didn't start until nearly 12.55 instead of 12.45. So annoying. Luckily I stayed long enough to catch the special (although, if they end up on youtube, not so special anymore -.-) clips from Breaking Dawn part 2.

Left to Right: Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Mackenzie Foy & Stephanie Meyer

The panel was GREAT! I was soo excited. Our seats were just as good as last year. Most of the front got taken up by crazy fans (Let's distinguish something here. There are 2 categories in fandoms. There are the fans who like something and go to events for it and talk a lot about the books/films/whatever, and then there are the fans who dress up, scream at anything, CRY at anything and fangirl at even a picture. I am in the first category. Which to me is the more sensible. I'm not a walking hormonal mental patient. Just saying.) So yeah. 

I had to get to the queue for the signing around 1.15 and there were around 10 people in front of me. I was so nervous. We were shuffled in in 10's and then given a really crappy poster of a sunset. Then it was my turn. Rob was first and he said hello and shook my hand. He eyed my badge trying to read my name so I told him it, and he started to write. I told him I was from London and he asked if I was visiting or if I lived here. I told him I was here for a holiday for comic con. Then I told him I won the raffle last year to meet them and he paused, looked up at me and with a shocked face said "HOW?!" I grinned sheepishly and said "I guess San Diego is my lucky charm." We parted, and I moved on to Kristen who is just as beautiful up close. We didn't shake hands but she did seem cheerier. (Rob and Kristen sat at the same table, but sadly Taylor and Mackenzie sat on a separate table. How awkward) 
She took one look at Rob's signature and laughed, "What's that supposed to be?" I laughed back and said "Katherine." (That's my passport spelling and what's on my badge) so she went to writing. I told her I loved her in Snow White and her accent was just great. (I lose the ability to sound intelligent when i'm nervous). She seemed humbled by this compliment and smiled and said "Thanks." She said "thanks for coming" and I moved onto Taylor. I can't remember if I shook his hand or not... but I remember our mini conversation:

T: "Heya, how're you doing?"
"I'm good thanks, yourself?"
T: "I'm not too bad thankyou." *he starts to sign*
"I met you last year when i won the raffle"
T: *grins at me* "I know. I remember you." 
*in total shock* "You...remember...ME?" 
T: "Yeah."
"Well I do have a recognisable face I guess."
T: *laughs* "I guess so."
We parted and I went to Mackenzie who is so adorable and it was so awkward (I mean, what do you say to a 12year old?
There was a long pause while she was writing my name in slow cursive handwriting and eventually I spoke. "Ooh I love your handwriting." she looked up and said "Thank you" in that way only a cute 12 yr old can. 
And that was it:

Later that day I went to a panel on  all things Simon & Schuster but didn't win any of the giveaways. We got a free Hush Hush T-shirt on the way in, though. Which was cool. 

They did show up The Mortal Instruments on the projector screen. The cover of Clockwork Princess came up and I felt myself melt just a little at the beauty of it. One of the panel members also talked about "a certain cast member having split up from his fiance and was seen holding hands with another cast member..." lol 
Some lucky duck won the full set of TMI + TID series -.- (BITCH!) lol just kidding. I was happy for them <_< (Whether or not I already have the series doesn't take away the fact that I still wanted to win the set :P)


We were wanting to queue up for Hall H since Big Bang Theory had been moved there this year, but because there were other big panels on before and after it, we decided not to bother. I was gutted, but I had seen them twice before (and it turned out Jim Parsons wasn't there) so  we went to smaller panels instead. I went to a How To session on writing (which was very good) and then to a panel with a few authors. I can't remember who or what it was called but that was good too. Later that day mum started queuing for a Falling Skies panel

so I wandered the exhibitor halls, had some food and met up with a friend for a few hours before it was time to meet back up with my Mum. Then it was home to bed.


Again we were going to queue up early for Ballroom 20, but when our alarm went off at 3am, we decided sleep overruled so we didn't go. Because I'd planned with a friend, this is ultimately disappointed her, but I'm hoping things are okay now. 
Mum and I got to go to some smaller panels instead which we missed last year. One of them was TV Guide's Fan Favourite's. Matt Smith, Nathan Filion, Tyler Posey and a few other people from different TV shows were on it talking about what's new to come in their shows.

Later that day I went to a Harper Voyager/Harper Teen panel where they discussed new books to be released and 3 authors were on the panel talking about their own books. Kiersten White (Paranormalcy), Taherah Mafi (Shatter Me) and Dan Wells (Partials)

On the way out of that they were handing out free books so naturally I grabbed 2 :) 
Then I went out to the queue for Hall H where Mum was setting up camp for the night. Yes, we were in line for the next day already.
But we kinda snuck out and went back to the hostel to sleep. (I'd lost my phone - turns out mum had taken it by mistake -.-)


We got back to the queue about 4am and weren't moved until 7.30. It was cold. I was bored. And yeah, all the joys of Comic Con at its best.
The first panel to start at 10am was Fringe, which considering I don't watch the show, I found it entertaining. Plus I like Joshua Jackson *sigh*

Then came Supernatural. Oh Boy. I loved this panel so much! I'd heard Jensen and Jared were funny but now I know. They really are.

After that was Doctor Who (the REAL reason I queued  early) and yes yes yes! I love Matt Smith and Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill and I'm going to cry my eyes out when they leave the show.

That was it.... We left the centre and went back to the hostel. That was the end of our weekend. It had gone by so fast and I still can't believe it's over. It's one of those things that you wish it would be over at the time, but by the time it IS over... you want to do it all again.
I really hope I get to go again next year (depending on money, etc) and I'm so glad to be able to share this all with you. 

Sorry there's not much TMI related in it, but hopefully next year there'll be so much news ...

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  1. Thanks Kat for the run down. I feel like I was there! :)


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