Monday, July 9, 2012

TMI Stars sighted: Love in Yorkville?

Could new love be blossoming on my city's doorstep? Jamie Campbell Bower and Lily Collins were spotted just yesterday in Toronto's downtown, posh Yorkville neighbourhood by a fellow TMI fan, and today these new pics were snapped of the on-screen couple enjoying each other's company at the Yorkville Starbucks today and then seen holding hands as they walk down the street. What does this mean for the two TMI stars? A new budding romance? We know they will have to get close pretty fast to portray the feelings of love that's needed for the roles of Clary and Jace. Only time will tell how these two will get along. But check out the body chemistry in the photo below. It's clear by how they lean into each other with legs crossed towards each other that they should have great chemistry onscreen:

Photo courtesy of Just Jared Jr.

For all those Jace/Clary shippers, I'm just going to throw it out there: You can thank Toronto for that! I think we can coin it 'the other city of love.'

Hopefully I can bring you all some new shots tomorrow when I go out scouting!

Your Toronto TMI lookout


  1. Hey Shannon, is that close to Bay Station? Cause I think I recognize the place, but am not sure!! I was in Toronto past January...

  2. Yep that's right! Around bay and bloor area behind the busy streets in the quiet square in the heart of yorkville.


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