Friday, July 13, 2012

'City of Lost Souls' fan questions answered

Last night Cassandra Clare took time to answer some questions from fans. She answered a lot of questions that really needed to be answered.

Some of the questions about one of our favorite shadowunters, Jace:

RT @MundieMoms:. "When will the heavenly fire ware off or will he be like the human torch forever? #COLSCHAT " J? We don't know yet!
RT @MundieMoms: . "Was it hard to write Jace without his normal wit and a little more darkness? #COLSCHAT " No, the darker wit was fun.

We have been waiting for the casting of Alec for a long time. We got Isabelle and we were supposed to get Alec, but she was not able to tell us yet. A fan took a crack at asking when he will be revealed and Cassie answered:

RT @MonicaMistakes: " when we'll say who will play Alec? #COLSCHAT " I genuinely absolutely have no idea at all.

You can't talk about Alec and not talk about Magnus:

RT @ceeceegu: " #COLSchat will Magnus and Alec stay together ~forever~ " First they have to get back together. :)
RT @MundieMoms: "Why is Magnus so set against sharing his past with Alec?" #COLSCHAT " Because he doesn't share it with anyone.

Earlier in the week we found out that Robert Sheehan wascast as Simon Lewis. Fans had some questions about him and Simon:

RT @MundieMoms: . #COLSCHAT "Since, Simon doesn't have his mark anymore, is he able to be killed?" Yes he can be.

RT @LawrencelyJen: "When you were writing Simon, did you picture him as Robert Sheehan?" I don't ever picture celebrities. #COLSCHAT
#COLSCHAT But Robert comes very very very close to my mental image of Simon.

RT @VoicesIn_MyHead: "Robert Sheehan almost matches the Simon I pictured in my head! Did you have any say in that?" yes...I begged and begged and begged for Robbie and wrote long, long essays about why he was great. And made them watch Misfits. #

Where there is Simon, Isabelle is not far behind:

RT @CaptainCutter: " Will Izzy and Simon face any hardships in the next book? #COLSCHAT " Oh yes!
RT @Cara_G_: #COLSChat in the book, how did izzy get camille's ruby necklace from the infernal devices?" We'll find out

Our favorite villain Sebastian was also a big topic last night:

RT @MundieMoms: "Which villain did u like writing more, Valentine or Sebastian?" #COLSCHAT " Sebastian. He's less human. It's interesting.

RT @WordsBreather: Have you ever written a Sebastian's POV? It would be great! #COLSChat " The short story "A Dark Transformation" is

#COLSCHAT Sebastian doesn't know what he feels. He wants to control people. He wants connection. He's evil and pitiful too. @CityOfBoners

Everyone has questions about Brother Zachariah. I s he Jem? Is he Will?:

"Will we definitely find out who Brother Z is in CP2?" Either CP2 or CoHF.

Someone asked if Cassie could say who Brother Zachariah is:

"I cannot say who Brother Zachariah is. :) #COLSCHAT @HeidiMLH"

A lot of people have questions about Maureen. She became super powerful and she is a newborn. How did she get like this? Cassie answered:

Hello @cassieclare I would like to know why Maureen is more powerful than Camille? It was assumed that Camille was a good vampire. #COLSCHAT
@ImAShadowhunter She was made by Camille. And she took her by surprise. It's not a question necessarily of more powerful #COLSCHAT 

Sometimes when a book gets turned into a movies everyone is not happy with the casting, but Cassie is

RT @Auroramore: " are you ok with the cast?, i do really like it!" I love them so far. Fingers crossed we keep getting lucky. #COLSCHAT

One last thing that will have everyone think is the question about Stephan Herondale (Jace's birth father)

RT @TMI_Institute: " Are we to assume that Stephen Herondale is definitely dead? #COLSCHAT " Never assume.

Cassandra Clare really got us thinking with this Q&A as she always does. I cannot wait to see who will play the rest of the characters.

City of Bones starts filming in a month on August 20th and the movie is slated to come out a year later on August 23rd, 2013. 

Some of our questions may get answered on March 19th when Clockwork Princess is scheduled to be released.


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