Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cassandra Clare: Movie questions answered randomly

Cassandra Clare took to her Tumblr page to answer some fan questions about The Mortal Instruments movie, which is scheduled to start filming in mid-August. With about six weeks to go, fans are eager to find out who has been cast. Here's what Cassie had to say:

aroundsaturnsring asked:
Do you know or atleast have an idea on when the first movie will be in theatres? Are they making a movie for every book? Even the infernal devices? And could you do me a favor and NEVER stop writing? Thank you. :)
 The release date for the movie is August 23rd, 2013.

This is how series movies work: they make the first movie, and if it does well, then they will make the rest of the series. So ideally they would love to make all six Mortal Instruments movies! But it depends how they do at the boxoffice. Studios can’t make six movies that don’t turn a profit. If the movie does steadily/decently(http://hollywoodvulture.com/flop-pop-fizzle-the-obligatory-weekend-b-o-report-holiday-spirit-in-full-swing-audiences-flock-to-valentines-day-making-it-big-1-steady-debuts-for-percy-jackson-wolfman/), they can keep going to build the franchise but not if it loses money. So, you know, I can’t see the future, and while the first movie is based on just the first book, I can’t say what will happen after that.

meg13-bloodrose asked:
Will infernal devices be made into a movie too?

It’s optioned for film by the same people who optioned The Mortal Instruments. Again, ideally, they’d love to make them into movies. Steampunk/historical movies are very expensive to make, so they’d need a big studio commitment, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t get one. They are, however, concentrating on making TMI right now, so I wouldn’t expect news about the ID film project for a while.

pink-giraffe-says-hi asked:
Will we get the rest of the cast soon since filming starts in a month? Please say we do, I’m kind of dying here waiting :( x

Well, let’s put it this way. Once they start filming (in six weeks, not a month), you will know who the cast is, because it is not actually possible to film a movie without a cast. But otherwise, I have no idea when or how the casting news will come. I am also waiting for casting news. I also spend the days idly looking at my toenails and wondering if I will find out anything about casting that day. I am a terrible resource for casting questions. I try to answer them, but it’s just variations on “I don’t know” because I don’t.

Next up: Infernal Devices questions answered randomly!

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