Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Audition rumors: Ross Butler looking Warlocky as Magnus

How about another bit of TMI audition gossip!?  Ross Butler, an actor, model and known as DJ Wasabi in the music world, sent out a tweet to Natalie (@TMIexaminer) and Alyssa (@TMI_Source) that certainly looks like he may have auditioned for the role of Magnus Bane.

Here's a little bit about Ross. He was born in Singapore and lived in Indonesia until he was 4 when he moved to Washington, DC. His mother is Indonesian, and his father is British Dutch

"Funny how Magnus Bane is quarter Indonesian, quarter dutch, and half demon," Ross said in DM on Twitter today.

Ross moved to LA September 2010 to model and DJ.

"I picked up acting last year and have been working on projects pretty much endlessly since and acting took over my life."  Ross still DJ's and models also.

 What do you think? Can you picture Ross as Magnus? Who's your favorite in this fight to play Magnus? Are you Team Shannon, Team Simon or Team Ross?

You can check out Ross mixes on the DJ Wasabi's Soundcloud here

Here's an interview he did with Korrina Rico at the Hollywood Top Design Awards rehearsal.

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