Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Casting Rumor: Adelaide Kane as Isabelle Lightwood?

As many of you probably are doing, I check IMDb every day for casting news on The Mortal Instruments movie. Yesterday, Adelaide Kane (@adelaidekane), an Australian TV and movie actress probably best known for her work on the Aussie soap opera Neighbours, was listed as rumored to be Isabelle Lightwood.

Born in Western Australia in 1990, Adelaide, Kane had been acting since she was 6 and got her first major role in 2006 when she won the role of "Lolly" Allen on Neighbours. She entered a Dolly Magazine Competition and won the role in Late 2006. When she got the role, she and her family had to move from Perth to Melbourne, where Neighbours is filmed, she was in Year 11 at the time. In her free time, she enjoys singing and singing lessons.

From March to December 2009, Adelaide portrayed the character Tenaya 7/15 on Power Rangers RPM, part of the long-running Power Rangers franchise. She also starred in Secrets of the Mountain on NBC in April 2010.

Does she look like our Izzy? You be the judge! Put your comments below or you can follow me on Twitter at @TMI_Institute.

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