Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Magnus Bane Tweets o the Week

omg you'd make thee perfectt Magnuss! I hope you get the partt ♥
Obrigado and grazie! It's okay to have the yellow fever, consider it a gift ;P
u r a very good looking guy !!! Goshh!! Me and my crush for asian guys :P
:D wonderful! i appreciate your support!
much obliged! I will try my hardest to make this come true :)
I am between 6'2" and 6'3", depending of course on how much hair gel i decide to use
o why thank you! I will tell Chairman Meow he's got some competition for my affections
Seriously, I L.O.V.E for Magnus Bane :D Go Ross!!!
Not available now unfortunately, but here's an interview i did with a few months ago!
thank you! Now I gotta get my body back to its former glory. I tell you, all this mundie food is relentless.
i think you would be a perfect !!! :D
": if you're in for you got my support" thank you! Spread the warlocky love :D
:D that mix is designed to get parties started. Anybody know how to draw a rune of dancing? Or does that fall under fearless?
anything it takes! A lil more glitter never hurt anybody, am I right? :D !
i'm 6'2 to 6'3 depending in how tall my hair is that day :)
thanks for the love! Let's do thiiiisss. Ross Butler for Magnus Bane!
I was not prepared for this when I woke up this morning! !! My vote is for 's Magnus!
Feeling particularly warlocky today. A new Magnus Bane has entered the fray.
Dead ringer for Magnus Bane (Mortal Instruments) is No question of it. Even ask agrees!


  1. WOAH I'M IN THERE. Well, his tweets to me are in there. SQUEE.


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