Thursday, May 24, 2012

Casting rumors: More Magnus? We sure think so!

Yesterday was a busy day in the discovery of possible Magnus Bane's from the group of over 100 who Cassie Clare said auditioned for the role. There were two more possible High Warlocks of Brooklyn to add to the mix. They are David Sakurai and James Adam Lim.

According to our friend Alyssa at TMI Source, David Sakurai, 31, is an Japanese-Danish actor recently auditioned for the role of the High Warlock and they said that they are “excited” about it.

Here is Sakurai’s demo reel, which includes footage from ’Through Darkness,’ the film produced by Ud Af Mørket.

Moments after Alyssa published her post about David, she received a tweet from Los Angeles-based actor James Adam Lim regarding his audition for Magnus.

Lim has held roles in several films, including Dead Inside and Siege of Fulton Ave., and has also worked in theater.

Lim joins what is indeed a long list of actors–well over 100–actors who have auditioned for Magnus.

Others that have auditioned that we know about are: Shannon Kook, Simon Raymond, Eston Fung, Ross Butler, Ben Cho, Osric Chau, Austin Ku and So David Sakurai.
So what do you think about the newest contenders for Magnus? Share your thoughts below!

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