Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Casting Rumors: The search for Simon

There's been much speculation and very little actual news as to who has auditioned for the some of the anticipated roles in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. There are several fan favorites for the roles of Simon and Alec. But really until we know for sure who has auditioned, it's a guessing game.

There's been one new possibility for the role of Simon. His name is Rhys Ward, and he has been in shows like My Babysitters a Vampire and Nikita. Many of the fans have batted around as to if Rhys has auditioned and for what role. There are some clues that lean toward Simon, and here's the proof.

Last week, our friend Alyssa at @TMI_Source asked Rhys via Twitter about the movie:

 From there, he's made a few other comments that have us leaning toward him auditioning for Simon.

Other than Rhys, there's also rumor that Carter Jenkins may have auditioned, though there's no real proof to go on. I've heard that Ethan Peck has auditioned for a role, though I'm not positive if it is for Simon or another role.

With the news, or lack thereof, for casting of Simon, who do you have in mind to play Clary's BFF? Send me your thoughts below or to @TMI_Institute on Twitter. You can also check us our on Facebook at

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