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Shadowhunter Tweets o' the Week

May 6-12, 2012: Happy Mother's Day, Shadowhunters! I added a couple of tweets from this morning just because I thought it was awesome that some people got City of Lost Souls as Mother's Day gifts. Also, these edition is super packed with all things COLS related, including almost all the tweets from Cassie Clare from the past week. I actually avoided most tweets this week, so I am not totally sure which tweets from Cassie are spoiler related and which are not. SO, if you haven't read COLS, click on the Cassie tweets with extreme caution. :)

  YES!! I got for Mothers Day! I'm sooo happy!!!

It was like a drug, this needing to know more.

  Secretly in love with Sebastian. Shhhh don't tell anyone.

  It's so pretty and wonderful and fjdhsjofvnsjakf!
  "I needed something to hold the curtains back" is poss best line ever written. But you need to read book to get context

  Finished My life is now officially over... for 2more years

I wish I could live in a fictional world, slaying demons with a perfect boyfriend sounds way better than reality.

  Ohhh this book is literally hot! wohoo finally I have now!!
  Deleted Scene from 'City of Lost Souls' and Will's Letter to His Family ~
  sophieriggsby sophieriggsby@sophieriggsby ICYMI (spoilers for ):Alec and Magnus Deleted Scene

  "Tell me what you want," Jace said in a whisper () ~~~ My Answer: jump into this book, and rip your clothes off? ;-p

  [slowly walking down the path, the institute comes into view; I adjust the hat on top of my head as I reach the stairs]
  Herondales & their hate for ducks.

  'Clockwork Princess' will be released March 19, 2013! Who's excited for a kickass 2013?
  Another great book by Cassandra Clare. I absolutely loved it. And as usual I had all these bipolar emotions. Hahaha
  "I was hoping they'd put up flyers like they do for cats - Missing, one stunningly attractive teenage boy. Answers to 'Jace' or 'Hot stuff'"
Finished and there are no words to describe how in love I am this series.. You're an amazing writer
I'm still fangirling. I'm still crying over page 510. I think that should be a trend.
  That was the most intense read I've had. Don't remember a thing. It's up to the universe now.
I can't stop hugging it & jumping around!! CoLS!!!

  I just finished CoLS and I am freaking out!!
I think we need to see all potential Magnus' in glitter...just to be sure. lol
I've posted all of *spoilery* Q&A posts from tumblr under the COLS AFTER You've Read It Forum
  That's ...;-) Hysterical, dangerous, feeling me?
  Accidentally sprayed hair volumiser under my arm instead of deodorant. I now have one bushy pit.x
It's at 83% on . I need my powers right about now...
Just updating my demo reel right now on YouTube. Link coming up shortly! Thanks for the love!
Too bad guys like jace, simon, jordan, alec and magnus do not exist.
  Thank u Monsieur Bonaparte ": FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!!!! I WANNA TO BE MAGNUS!!!!!!"
  <3 - ;) " :Jst recently discovered you were being considered for the part of Magnus. You're the best I've seen yet! GO SHANNON!"
  Lol - no dear ": Hsve you done a JC Penny commercial recently? Or cloned yourself? Cause I'm 80% I just saw you."
Darling ;) ": I just hope they choose to be me! He's fabulous. His hair has so much potential. ;)"

  Check out this video that posted! I felt like I was watching Magnus, I gotta admit!
  If you're into my fan videos this is a MUST see. Magnifo thanks to Snowdjinn1 ! <3 Have a splendid day folks....
Im laughing like a clown right now - thanks ;) ": FIGHT SHANNON FIGHT! *waves flag of support*"
  is 'Fighting' for the Role of Magnus Bane
  Lol,I'd never break a secret. But I can tell u I'm still very much in the running and fighting 4 this role. I want Magnus.
  Glad you are here for the wild and fun ride.
This "party" just got a lot more interesting ;-)
  Back in the gym...working hard.
  What we do in this business can be made into reality T.V. Come ride with me, it's a fun one. .
SIMON RAYMOND 9 May There's a surprise in store. I've been invited back to the party.

TMI Source TMI Source@TMI_Source for reading : Bring the tissues!
  Seeing all these tumblr pictures and gifs of as Magnus Bane. .
  Yes, dedication to the naughty bits! I refused to have less than the costco version with Jace's .

  2am and I just put down it made me want to scream and cry and laugh and swoon. It. Was. Amazing. <3

  We are on your twitter, shuttin' it down with a ! I'm fairly certain Magnus is here somewhere, throwing glitter.
   From this picture of the City of Bones script, said that it's the box for the script. To me its in there.
  BTA BTA BTA BTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BY THE ANGELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL *_* DEAD @ the las snippet
  Is anyone else actually wetting themselves with excitement over the fact that City of Lost Souls by is out TOMORROW?!?!

hahahah. I do. I think we must ready our steles as our heart breaks. :P
  Anyone else get the feeling we're going to need a lot of Iratzes on our hearts after CoLS?

We must create a new tendency to speak... BTA instead of OMG? must... resist
  don't read it in public... You'd be celled for insanity
did Sebastian, I mean Jonathan, already burn down the world? because it's just so hot these days *sinking myself in the pool*
You sing "Love Stinks" whenever you're near Will.

Cassie Clare Tweets: (With Spoilers in the links  - YOU WERE WARNED) 

City of Lost Souls questions — and answers (spoilers) - About Clary. And murder. [[MORE]] › [lnr2573] asked...
Photo: Magnus and Alec and Chairman Meow. Kitty feels! › [Malec and Chairman Meow] by *[Kialun]
  City of Lost Souls questions — and answers (spoilers) - These are about South Carolina. :) [[MORE]] Hee. My...
padawanduck asked: WOW, I just read City of Lost Souls, and I caught a little tidbit near the beginning....
  City of Lost Souls questions — and answers (spoilers) - More CoLS questions and answers under the cut. These...
Photoset: › City of Bones - Chapters 5-8
City of Lost Souls questions — and answers - SPOILERS BELOW THE CUT. Questions about a certain silent...
CoLS— questions and answers! Spoilers! - There be spoilers below this cut. A question about memories....
Photoset: Really gorgeous, these! dystopie:
  CoLS— questions and answers! - Why not?
  A small present - Up on my site under Extras: a deleted scene from City of Lost Souls with Magnus and Alec....
  Photo: Shadowhunters on the subway. It’s always been a dream of mine to have subway ads for my books and for...
  Photo: › “My name is Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern. I had a father, but he is dead.”
  in which I call upon my Tumblr followers - …To march into battle! Okay no, not that. I have, once again, a...
  Photoset: › City of Bones - Chapters 1-4
Photoset: › “Very well,” he said.”If you will not listen to reason, you will have to listen to force. I have...
  City of Lost Souls questions — and answers - And now … some questions about The Thing That Happens On Page...
  Photo: City of Fallen Angels mozzism:
  Come See Your Favorite YA Authors at YALLFest - “We’re pretty confident in saying that the only place you’ll...
  "sarabibliomania asked you: Just receieved “City of Lose Souls” in the mail today. So excited! But quick..."
  Photo: Simon. I don’t know if there are others with other colors - love the idea. › COLOR MEME | Simon Lewis...
City of Lost Souls Spoiler Questions - And Answers - I am starting with the very basic basics here, but...
Photo: City of Lost Souls › They were battling across the frozen lake, the icy city glowing like a lamp in...
  since this morning . . . - This may take me a while, guys. O_O
Photoset: › It means ‘Shadowhunters: Looking Better in Black Than the Widows of our Enemies since 1234’ -...
London Q&A and signing on May 26 to launch the City of Lost Souls UK tour!
  "When will you start answering questions about City of Lost Souls?" - Soon! Depending on how they build up,...
Photoset: › “Look,” Luke went on, “In all the years I’ve known him, there’s always been exactly one place...
Photoset: › [The infernal devices:] best of James “Jem” Carstairs posters. Clockwork angel edition.
  Photoset: › [The infernal devices:] best of William herondale posters. Clockwork angel edition.
  RT : Happy release day to City of Lost Souls! My review: (no spoilers) " Thank you!
  RT : "im reading city of lost souls atm and ITS SO INTENSE AND AMAZING. :') made my day so much better.." Thanks!
  RT : " cassie has officially killed me! :'(" oh no!
City of Lost Souls launch event TONIGHT in Naperville, IL!
"City of Lost Souls was Glorious. That is all." - (via streetangel8) AW. Thank you. Also, for those who have...
RT : It must be very entertaining to be an author when your readers gradually starts crying over your new book. " True!
  Thank you everyone for the kind words about the City of Lost Souls release!
RT : VIDEO: presents w/ Teen Book of the Year Award for ‘Clockwork Prince'

  I did 's hair and makeup for this TV appearance so you betta watch, Chicago! ;)

  About to be on Chicago's WGN TV ...
  Photo: › If I cannot move Heaven, I will raise Hell.
  City of Lost Souls, Book 5 of The Mortal Instruments, is out today!
  I'm impressed you found the photo
  RT : Yay! RT : Happy Book Birthday City of Lost Souls is out!! :)
  Photo: Happy City of Lost Souls release day, everybody! mortalinstrumentsinfernaldevices:
  City of Lost Souls should now be downloading onto nooks and kindles everywhere!
  RT : ICYMI: Details on the launch party May 8th
  RT : Excited about 's City of Lost Souls? Come get your copy at 7:30 am: half an hour before ANYONE ELSE!
  Photo: Well, it’s the box for the script. :) tmishadowhunters:
mylifeinstopmotion asked: If I became friends with Magnus Bane, would he dislike it if I called him...
RT : Children's Choice Teen Book of the Year: CLOCKWORK PRINCE " Eeeeee!
  Can fanart be spoilery? I am not sure exactly. I decided this would be the last snippet of City of Lost...
  Photo: Love this Magnus! He looks so happy and young. :) How old do you picture Magnus looking? Tell me in...
  Photo: › I have a sister, and I will teach her to love me.
  I’m seeing a lot of people being VERY SAD about City of Lost Souls spoilers, so do be careful. Spoilers are...
  Photo: The idea that someone would send a postcard like this is like, the cutest thing ever. When I was a...
  City of Lost Souls snippet: 2 days left - Simon rolled his eyes. “It’s a good thing we know the person who’s...
  Photo: I think the fandom may have to get together to support some duck charity after all this…...
  Photo: › Can the lost be reclaimed?
"idreaminmusic asked you: Hi Cassie! I’m super excited about CoLS and in preparation I’m re-reading all..."
  Photoset: The Mortal Instruments: characters

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