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Shadowhunter Tweets O' the Week

Week of April 29-May 5

There's those who have and those who have not ... and in this case we are talking about City of Lost Souls, the highly anticipated novel by Cassandra Clare. For those who have it, the readers have been on a rollercoaster of emotions. I've captured a few non-spoilery tweets from those fans who were able to get a copy. Just to note, the book is still on embargo, and the publishers are aware that there have been bookstores who put the book on the shelves too early. There were no ARC's of CoLS. Hope you enjoy the Shadowhunter Tweets o' the Week and happy reading!!

Omg someone take me off this rollercoaster already... please. lol *high fives every shadowhunter on twitter* I LOVE YOU GUYS!
I just send Cassie a tumblr comment and I hope she appreciates it. I can't say highly enough of her. I'm in awe. I really am
well, i just finished. and. well. i'm. sort of. dead. lol
know what? I received it today!!!! :)
5 of 5 stars to City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare
TMI Source  
Happy Free Comic Book Day! Preview of 'Infernal Devices' Manga Available Today
La cité des ténèbres  
COLS realeased earlier in my mail box... - › Me -OMG, OMG… I can’t beleive it! My husband reaching me fast:...
La cité des ténèbres  
On page 30 of 536 of City of Lost Souls, by Cassandra Clare: Hard to read a book when you can't stop jumping and sh...
La cité des ténèbres  
I HAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in my hands!!! *happy dance*
Salma Hazem  
Re-reading CoFA and just read the chapter with the DSAS last night. I love Jace/Clary.
Sad isn't it? Getting excited over ducks. Lol

Linny Larson-Wright  
I just took a picture of my face at the end of to remind myself that however sad I get, it's better than this.

Mary H.  
Keep calm & eat a mango. Only 5 more days until Sebastian burns down the world in
Shannon Kook  
I posted 4 photos on Facebook in the album "For all you Magnus Bane fans"
Michelle Lightwood.  
NO MORE SPOILERS MY IDOL. PLEASE! D: Or I will die. Seriously.
Cassandra Clare  
City of Lost Souls snippet: 5 days left - A short one today. Just in under the wire! I had to remove a...
Camille T!  
I need Insurgent and COLS in my life D:

Cassandra Clare  
City of Lost Souls snippet: 6 days left - Dim light spilled through the windows, and a faint red glow from...
Cassandra Clare  
inkandstardust asked: I know you won’t tell us exactly how Will and Jem etc. are related to the modern...
Cassandra Clare  
aqsa-naveed2 asked: Hey Cassie! So, Everyone, including me, absolutely LOVED the book cover of COLS! But I...
Cassandra Clare  
bases-y-condiciones asked: Cass, is Emma american?
salvatore herondale.  
Pre-ordered . Hopefully my baby will arrive on the day.
Mary H.  
Keep calm and do the mango (a similar dance to the tango but with fruit instead of a rose). Only ONE WEEK until !!
My friend just finished reading and I love watching her reaction. "ASDFGHJJKL IM DEAD NOOOOO" Welcome to The fandom... >:D

Shannon Kook  
RT : Magnus Bane is my favorite character and I seriously hope that gets to play him
Cassandra Clare  
Raising Hell: Dear Cassandra Clare, Cassie, Queen of Runes, Blood and Badassery, - Aw. You guys are so, so,...
Brown Eyed Alchemist  
Jace running naked down Madison Avenue with antlers on his head.
Cassandra Clare 
30 Apr Cassandra Clare @cassieclare
Photo: We know who really runs New York. tmisource:
Zay Arguelles 
"I'm gonna burn down the world!" the devil himself descends! well, maybe not. he just have some demon blood in his system.
desi ariyanis  
and love mango XD RT : we want to know if there is a gene that explain why the Herodales hate ducks xD

Emily Jodice  
I have this underlying fear that I will be crying for a solid 24 hours after finishing
Dany Filio  
Because we want to fangirl over Sebastian :P
  I said it before, & I'll say it again. This Fandom is golden.
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O_o RT “: Te concedo mi perdón si me mandas un mango virtual... Yo lo dejo ahí... ;)
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City of Tita fangirling
Salma Hazem 
 30 Apr Salma Hazem @SalmaHNassar
If only we could just draw a rune to cure colds.
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OH NO! Do not make me sing it lol RT “: I think I have demon pox... halp!

I ♥ TheHerondaleBoys  
Shadowhunters, we prooved how awesome we are AGAIN. Great job!!! I'm so proud of our fandom!!!

TMI Source  
I love me some Clace but I really want to see Izzy next! :-)
Lauren Noelle  
Shadowhunters: Trending in Black Since 2012 ;)

Mundie Moms  
More like I'd love to see him try to burn down the world LOL
TMI Source  
Maia: "Patience grasshopper. Good things come to those who wait." They clearly haven't had to wait for one of Cassie's books

Salma Hazem  
I am a rockstar vampire, I don't need to study. I'd rather ride cool demonic motorcycles and play guitar in Millinium Lint.
Cassandra Clare  
City of Lost Souls Snippet: 8 days left - Alec followed the line of Magnus’ gesture and saw a small silver...
Cassandra Clare  
jesslovescandy asked: ARE YOU EXCITED FOR COLS????!!!

Elle Luly  
why you take so long to come out? I'm dying over here!
Lindsay Turner  
Only three more days. I think I can make it.

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