Friday, May 11, 2012

Shadowhunter Saturday Twitter Parties: Week 1 #EasyIsTheDescent

Hey everyone! I hope the week has been especially awesome for all. For those of you who have read City of Lost Souls, and those waiting to read it, I'm looking forward in the weeks to come of getting fan reactions to the book. I just finished it up last night and have literally felt like bouncing around the room and raving about my thoughts like a lunatic. :) 

So, in honor of all the fiercely awesome Shadowhunters out there, I want to start doing Shadowhunter Saturday Twitter parties. The first one is planned for 10:00 am EDT/9:00 am central, and will include the following hashtag:


I'm teaming up with the awesome ladies at @MundieMoms, @TMI_Source, @TMIspanishnews and @TMIexaminer as always! I hope everyone can join us! We will see how the first one works and adjust times as needed. Always feel free to share your thoughts and trending ideas on this by comments on the blog or to me at @TMI_Institute

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