Monday, May 28, 2012

Shadowhunter Tweets o' the Week

Week of May 20-26:

There's been a lot of cool news this week. The Mortal Instruments is getting a budget of $60 million dollars, and Shadowhunters again made a tweet number #1 in the worldwide trends with #NeverTrustADuck. We've seen a few actors hint to auditioning for the movie, and we heard new tidbits about the books from Cassie Clare at her book signing in London. There's much, much more in store as the summer rolls along, and I plan to chronicle it all in the Shadowhunter Tweets o' the Week. Here's some of the highlights from the week of May 20-26.

Damn, Clary. You don't neva listen to anything anyone tells you! Hard headed child!

samesjullivan asked: Awesome! So, that quote in Latin, “non sum qualis eram bonae sub regno Cynarae…” Google...


Not so patiently waiting for the day I see a City of Bones movie trailer.
is honestly one of the nicest people I've ever met.

W00t! Thankyouforthetwitpic! City of Lost Souls London bus. I'm off to my signing w/Maureen!

I LOVE YOU :)) I can't wait to see you as Jace Wayland on City of Bones <3

One thing I cannot wait for is seeing you play Jace in City of Bones! <3 :')

Can I just say how much I adore that I took a break from re-reading City of Fallen Angels & find trending here?

... even the ones who make duck faces! D:

Let's !! just trust a chicken, it's safer lol

for it's merely a Chicken that won't Cluck.

Cohf will have war, loss, but not necessarily an unhappy ending. 

this is very Isabelle Lightwood RT : "I wear three inches. Or I wear nothing." - Hanna Ep 306

:) I got word from casting about this week, & the race just got a lot tighter! A race I'm still in. Thnx 4 ur support!
Glad for authors like who stick to their guns about racial castings. Thank you.

Spoke w/ my team today, apparently there are 100+ auditioning. Thanks for sticking with us during this long strenuous process :)
you know who I realized would make the best Magnus? (and Isabelle)? :-D

u are a class act and thank you for emailing me back!

Check out this excerpt from CITY OF LOST SOULS audiobook, read by Molly Quinn: ! Download...
I think should audition to play Isabelle Lightwood i think she would do amazing
Had tons of fun auditioning for Magnus. Thanks for the opportunity!!

":: Don't randomly go and hug Jace and Alec." How about only one hug per day?

Do not ask if you can hold Jace's "mango" like those girls did...

Guys, I just got to the part in "City of Bones" where Jace & Clary are sitting on a tree, Kay Eye Es Es Eye En Gee

": bener banget dia setengah Indonesia! is our fave Magnus :)" thanks guys! You are awesome!

Found a new book series to read...really like it. "City of Bones" the mortal instruments series. Love!

Just finished city of bones a good read if I may say so

You guys are amazing. Sending so much love back to you! I'm having an Amazing birthday. Xxxooo

waiting for Lily to become our little ginger Clary . lol

RT : Where can I get a Jace Lightwood/ Wayland/ Herondale? I seriously need to find one.

Rape myths, rape culture, and the damage done to girls - Under this cut are spoilers for City of Lost Souls,...

I'm having a strawberry mango margarita in honor of Jace for my bday!

"Life.... Ah... Finds a way" x

There's never a time when my face ISN'T buried in a Cassandra Clare book.

Hey guys!did you know that just founded a new fandom?? Its called Team Will and Jem Are Beautiful?

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