Sunday, May 20, 2012

Shadowhunter Tweets o' the Week

Week of May 13-19, 2012:

17h Shadow hunters look because it makes you disappear... Like a Ninja
18h Shadowhunter Saturday: Fans Get to Trend No. 5 Worldwide
20h Shadowhunters: Looking Better In Black than the Widows of our Enemies Since 1234

22h It doesn't matter I'm a girl, I want to be Jace. Because he doesn't look . He's the best in black!
22h The widows of our enemies must be so jealous...
23h aaahh! ummmm if i HAD to choose...Will is my fave guy and Tessa is my fave girl! aah that was difficult!
15 May RT : "I sincerely hope a female isn't cast as Magnus, that would ruin everything in " O_o They have only read men.
17h awesome!! i really think is gonna become HUGE when people hear that it's becoming a movie. like when the trailer comes out!
18 May did you know that magnus did speak 'bahasa indonesia' in ..Aww,isn't that sweet?People all over the world read it *so proud*

18 May The other people on this bus must think I'm insane. I cried during , and now I'm laughing at on my phone.
18 May I bet Magnus watches Sherlock. Heck, he probably knew Arthur Conan Doyle.

19 May "Let me introduce you to my good friend No." Ha! Simon cracks me up.
19 May Jace and Sebastian would be the death of me
20h So glad you like it! RT : My wonderful bday prezzie from -- a Jace charm necklace!
12h The say reading is good but sometimes it makes me wanna die
12h Jace Wayland you slay me. Even if you're being evil.
11h Just finished . OH MY GOD. THESE FEELINGS. Now I will be impatiently waiting for Clockwork Princess.
11h So I'm wondering why Brother Zachariah is so interested in saving the Herondale bloodline... Hmmmm.
10h "because viewing my naked chest has caused many women to seriously injure themselves stampeding to get to me" -Jace Wayland
10h , the after-page-512 syndrome . I'M A HUGE MESS RIGHT NOW T_T, what am I supposed to do with my life until 03/12/2014??
16 May If you're dying t/talk to someone abt 's , MMs Forum has lots of good spoilery discussions/thoughts:
22h Never under any circumstances should you trust a duck. & Never under any circumstances should you hate Mangoes or Chocolate.
22h I've got my black pjs on.....does that count as Shadowhunter attire?? :-)
 22h Rockin a black prom dress tonight in honor of all shadow hunters
18 May Haha! Well we know not to ask Clary and Sebastian to make eggs since they don't know how. Mabe Jace can make you some ;)
18 May Quite emotionally struck by the heart Cassandra Clare put forth in this. I'd like to shake her hand. MAGNUS...
Keep calm because Jace and Clary will have to go to South Carolina eventually.
"Lust,"she said."Lust is a deadly sin" "And spanking." "I think that falls under lust." "I think it should have it's own category,"said Jace
  18 May City of Heavenly Fire to come out already. :))
Jumpin into bed with The Bailey about to start reading Mortal Instruments.
brett is genius, thats a given. in town,lets all grab drinks w/genius casting director Stephanie Corsalini..
16 May Why don't Clary and Jace just get it on already? I've wait 5 freaking books and still.. NOTHING. Get your arse's to Carolina NOW!
16 May Anyone who hasn't read "City of lost Souls" by Cassandra Clare needs to! Simply put AMAZING!!!
16 May : Ok but here is the big question.... Twilight or Mortal Instruments?” TMI :)

16 May Woah... Cassie talks fast in interviews... *head spins* O.O lol I'll have to make sure I'm fully awake for the London Q&A.

16 May I got it! Brother Zachariah is interested in Herondales because he's really Fletcher the Duck, isn't he?!

I'd love a boyfriend like Simon, we'd be so alike.

15 May Morgensterns: Getting people to go to the Dark Side since Darth Vader... Oh, wait, Valentine.
15 May I know, there's been lots of tweeting from different people trying out for Magnus&Alec and such. But all I can say is
casting's ongoing and we're talking about it like, every day. O_O
15 May If I had a brother like Sebastian I'd probably "slip" and stab him with a large machete.
15 May thank you for your support. I am forever grateful was able work it so i could read her. Quite an honor. :)
15 May So there's a weird phobias show on Anderson and there's a guy who's afraid of ducks! Oh, by the Angel!
14 May I always thought Logan Lerman would make a great Simon.

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