Monday, December 3, 2012

Cassandra Clare's secret announcement!

Today we were supposed to get a big announcement from Cassandra Clare, Maureen Johnson and Sarah Rees Brennan. But unfortunately they can't tell us until next week. Here is what Cassie had to say:

"Friends. Romans. Tumblr fiends.
This is a transmission send to you through time and space. (Note: this may be a lie.)
So you all know that we (Cassie, Maureen and Sarah: the dread triumvirate) have NEWS for you. About a THING. And we know we said we would tell you today, but… we can’t. Sarah volunteers to tell you a different piece of news today, news that she hopes is also exciting! But it will not involve Cassandra or the magnificent Maureen, alas. That news must wait.
The Powers That Be have regarded our news, and said—ladies, we like your news, we like it so much, we are going to make a FUSS about it. But making a fuss takes time, and so we have to wait one more week. (Just one! Promise and pinky swear and on the Angel and by Maureen’s own dead-eyed stare.)
Though we may not tell you this news that we have for you right now, we are allowed to drop a couple of hints, and these ARE said hints: hot air balloons. Hot Latino vampires. Piping hot scones. Peru.
Also I will have a CP2 snippet for you later today to try to make up for the delay!"

Hot air balloons, Hot Latino vampire, hot scones and Peru? I'm liking whatever it is already. Be sure to check back tonight for the Clockwork Princess snippet and next weeks for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. 

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