Wednesday, December 12, 2012

TMI taking over naming trends?

Believe it or not, I AM still around and thinking of TMI lol. So much to do in preparation for my new little Shadowhunter, who will be here  in 7 WEEKS!  Naming this little one has been a much bigger ordeal than my first, and filled with drama, which is why as soon as I got my "mom email" from with the top 100 names of 2012 I ran to read!  Popularity of my son's name has been important as well, since I chose my daughters name without knowing it was ranked number four that year!  More interesting than the top 100 names was the list of the fastest growing (and falling) names!

It took me a moment to notice the hilarity of this in the fastest growing name list.

Holy TMI! So I decided to research some more!

On the top 100 for 2012 (

#28 Luke
#39 Max
#58 Sebastian
 and the best.....

 I couldn't make that up if I tried!

#38 Isabelle (up 10 this year)

What I expect to see in the future...

I think 2013-2014 will see a huge growth in some of our other favorite TMI names.  My biggest prediction: Clary.  Clary is listed as number 20,243 in BabyCenter rankings.  And it isn't even listed on the super hot naming website  Clary, and Clarissa, are very accessible names, much like Isabella/Bella, and though you see the occasional Katniss I think Clary will be hot.

For boys, Magnus.  I've seen Magnus occasionally as a "hipster" sort of name, but I expect the monkier of everyone's favorite warlock to shoot up in popularity. It comes in at 949 on BabyCenter, but it is showing an increase of popularity on Nameberry this week of 52%!

Other names that I think will catch attention, Maryse, Simon, and Maia.  I guess 2013 will tell! Hottest Baby Names of 2012 Top 100 Names of 2012


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