Saturday, December 15, 2012

EXCLUSIVE: 'BANE CHRONICLES' co-author Sarah Rees Brennan stops by Shadowhunter Saturday

Sarah Rees Brennan
During Shadowhunter Saturday, I was very excited that one of the co-authors for the Bane Chronicles, Sarah Rees Brennan, made a surprise visit to answer some fan questions about the upcoming series.

We were all THRILLED when Sarah took to Cassie Clare's Tumblr to share the news about the upcoming set of short stories about the High Warlock of Brooklyn. With Sarah's own set of books, including the Demon Lexicon trilogy and her newest book Unspoken, we know Sarah has a very busy schedule of her own. The fact that she's teamed up with colleagues Cassie and Maureen Johnson to bring us the Bane Chronicles is stellar.

Starting in February and leading up to a final book in 2014, there is a lot of history to be detailed about Magnus. Here's what Sarah shared with us on Twitter today.

Okay, here's where my computer started acting funny, and my screen caps are working right so here's the other tweets!  It's in backwards order, so this next one is my ABSOLUTE FAVE! I asked if we could see Will, Jem and Tessa in the book:

One must always be prepared for Herondales. ;)

On asking Maureen the vamp vs Maureen the author:

They're basically the same. ;)       

On the info regarding what parts of Magnus' life will be featured in the book:

The different stories will be about different points in his life, yes--Peru, Alec, Camille, France, NYC in different decades...


Magnus has had many romaaaances over the centuries... came up with a very EXCITING one.

There will be Malec:

I think lots of people love his relationship with Alec... & Alec features lots. ;)

We will learn all about Magnus and his relationship with Camille:

Camille will feature. ;) RT The story about Magnus and Camille. The WHOLE story ;D” oh yes!!

While being hilarious & hot are great, I'd like to be as kind as Magnus secretly is. He helps everyone!

And finally, I do love what Sarah calls the fans!! :)

What do you think about Sarah's answers regarding the Bane Chronicles? Share your thoughts below!

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