Monday, December 10, 2012

First Ever #ShadowhunterChristmas Countdown

This year was full of joy, happiness and a lot of emotions for all the Shadowhunters.That's why we want you to join a project that we've teamed up with @CDSVzla to bring you... the very first ever #ShadowhunterChristmas Countdown!
The holidays are coming and with that the countdown for 2013.
We thought we could make this last month of the year, a special month sharing with the TMIFamily, so we decided to create our own nephilim calendar and to make a special countdown full of funny activities for each day.
The calendar has a special activity for each day, some of them easy, some of them a little more difficult and with tons of creativity required.
We want you to share your pictures with every activity on twitter, using the HT #ShadowhunterChristmas, so we can share and celebrate together this special days ;)

1st day 8/12/2012 Post, draw or take a picture with your Favorite Rune
09/12/2012 2nd Fanart day, drawing or gif of your favorite actor from the TMIMovie
10/12/2012 3rd day Shadowhunter An shadowhuter ornament for the Christmas tree
11/12/2012 4th : day wear something that identifies clothing, accessories.. favorite character (MAGNUS)
12/12/2012 5th day : favorite phrase of City of Bones
13/12/2012 6th Day: A song that reminds you of: City of Bones
14/12/2012 7th day: Post a picture of your favorite character TMI (own editing)
15/12/2012 8th day: Create a Christmas card (TMI style) and give it away
16/12/2012 9th day: Make cookies or cupcakes (TMI style) with Christmas motive
17/12/2012 10th day,Create a phrase like Eric's style, with Christmas theme
18/12/2012 11th day: wear something that identifies clothing, accessories.. favorite character (ISABELLE)
19/12/2012 12th day: what would you cook if you had a TMI guest for Christmas
20/12/2012 13th day: Plan your wardrobe TMI style
21/12/2012 14th day ask cassie how is Christmas for shadowhunters.
22/12/2012 15th day: Decorate your favorite books of TMI /TID with a Christmas hat or tie
23/12/2012 16th day : invent something about the saga, bracelet, pointing ... and Gift This
24/12/2012 17th day If I were "x" character TMI/TID... What would you ask to Santa?
25/12/2012 18th FREE DAY!
26/12/2012 19th wear something that identifies clothing, accessories,..(SIMON)
27/12/2012 20th invent a rune that help you to have an awesome 2013 year!
28/12/2012 21th A special HT! #NewYearFF
29/12/2012 22th One book you'll give to your favorite TMI character and why?
30/12/2012 23th wish list for 2013
31/12/2012 Free day ;)
If you have any questions or comments, please email me at, and I'll get back with you as soon as possible!!!

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