Sunday, December 16, 2012

Shadowhunter Tweets O'the Week: Dec 9 - 15

Here are the top tweets of December 9th through December 15th.

Finish this sentence: In this picture, Jace () looks __________.
The will destroy me emotionally. Thanks , ,
Sarah Rees Brennan@sarahreesbrenna
The different stories will be about different points in his life, yes--Peru, Alec, Camille, France, NYC in different decades...
TMI Argentina@ShadowhuntersAR
Miss Somerhalder@Bluigyrl
“You could give me the past,“ he said a little sadly. “But Alec is my future.”
He's lived so long and seen so much. I know he's broken a few hearts and had his own heart broken. Looking frwrd t/reading
2013 will be the year of the Shadowhunter thanks to and so much more!!!
World Class Janitor@dark_starnova
So I guess TMI and TID fans are going to be so heartbroken for the whole 2013 year. Oh my gawd!
City Of Bones@MortalMovie
EXCLUSIVE new photo of Jamie Campbell Bower!
Ann with one N.@AnFcknDukes
Moving on to the 3rd book of Mortal Instruments. Ill probably be done w/ the 5th next week & will be crying about how the 6th isn't out yet
clary fray@themortalgames_
I can tell that The Mortal Instruments is another of those things I will ALWAYS love.
Deanna Depp@shadowhunterdee
First and Devices. Then the . Now ?! I'm so stoked! Fangirling out to the max!
Natalie C. Markey@TMIexaminer
EXCLUSIVE interview with "Sideburns Guy" of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS set
Samantha Gutierrez@Samanthawazhere
The date is set. I am SO watching on August 23rd! Read the book just for this
Riley Anora@DucksEatMangoes
After watching the first 2 seasons of Misfits I am SO EFFING PUMPED to see Robbie Sheehan portray Simon in CoB
Jace Lightwood @Marked_Jace
-laughs- I think its hilarious that the man who plays Hodge in believe he's playing an evil Yoda!
Studio Lorien@StudioLorien
Aidan Turner = Kili in The Hobbit and Luke in The Mortal Instruments. WUT WUUUUT?! (@_@;) My life is COMPLETE.
Just finished the Mortal Instruments series…the ending made me cry a little :'(
It's all about glitter, glamour, Peru and the sexy, sparkling Magnus Bane!
Ratih Febiyanti@ratih_febiyanti
must let us know bout Magnus past,he's passions,dreams,hopes,whats make him happy and sad
Tobias Noah Beck@SecretIdentity_
Malec's first date. AJKBDJASESKG.
TMI Source@TMI_Source
What are you most looking forward to in the ?
Sarah Rees Brennan@sarahreesbrenna
Everything to do with Magnus is fun! But I love how nice & welcoming 's fans are to us about
keiley shaye malik! @keiley31299
I LOVE the mortal instruments I don't think I've ever been more obsessed with a book than I am with TMI <3
DEx @TVDWallflower
So is anyone a fan of "The Mortal Instruments" series? Because I am over heels falling deeply in love with it.
Katie Lefever@Kate_PewDie
Silly Mundanes(; When you all are reeling from the City of Bones cliffhanger, I shall laugh and watch chaos unfold!
Shar Lightwood@infernalglitter
coming Feb. 2013. coming March 2013. coming August 2013. TOO MUCH FEELINGS.
TMI Colombia@TMI_Colombia
Ya queremos que llegue febrero
in-love with Jace @TriShadowMagic
More Magnus and Will would be nice..
♡the janoskians♡@Finnickeverlark
My mums bought me the mortal instruments series for christmas alakhsajkdfk
Sarah Rees Brennan@sarahreesbrenna
While being hilarious & hot are great, I'd like to be as kind as Magnus secretly is. He helps everyone!
Clary Fray @meeee0wmix
Want to reread all of the Mortal Instruments before it comes out... And the Infernal Devices because CHURCH.

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