Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Actor's Spotlight: Godfrey Gao

I had decided what better way to celebrate Godfrey's birthday and arrival on set then to put a spotlight on that pretty pretty face, and look at all the things that make him more than a pretty face. Life delayed things a little, or as I say, you can only handle so much Godfrey at a time ;) Here is my (delayed) spotlight of the lovely Godfrey Gao.

Some background info:
Born: September 22, 1984  Godfrey is 28 years old.
Ethnicity: Malaysian mother and Tawainese father
Also known as: Gao Yi Xiang
Height: 6'4"

He was born in Taiwan, but his family moved to Canada when he was nine years old.

As we all know, Godfrey is a relative unknown.  He has done some work in TV, mostly in Taiwan.  He is also a model.  He appeared in All About Women (2008) under the name Godfrey Kao, which was released in Singapore, and is also in the currently filming 101 Proposals, which is a Chinese film.

Let's face it, every one loves Godfrey. He is such a pretty man lol, but I also like to think of him as a trailblazer of sorts for Asian men every where.  While to fandom people, fawning over Godfrey has seemed as natural as breathing, some times we miss what a big deal it really is that he's so readily embraced.   We've all heard Cassie's thoughts on whitewashing in Hollywood (to which I, even as a white female, am most proud of her insistence).  We've also seen his fellow competitors for the role of Magnus speak out on how momentous it is for Asian male to be a leading actor in an American film, and what a big deal it is that he is so well loves and has this "heart throb" status with a younger American female population.

It seems we aren't the first to notice Godfrey. In my Godfrey research I've discovered that this is not the first time someone has considered him In January this year The Huffington Post wrote this article Godfrey Gao: First Asian Supermodel? .

Let me get back on task here...

(Chairman Meow?)

We had so many great actors audition for Magnus.  We haven't seen much to form opinions on Godfrey's acting abilities, but I personally think he will be fabulous. 

Make sure to follow him on twitter @GodfreyGao !

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