Monday, October 8, 2012

Kevin Zegers Q&A with The Hollywood Reporter!

Kevin Zegers stars in the new Encore 'Titanic: Blood and Steel'.

"In the epic 12-part miniseries, the Canadian actor plays Mark Muir, a fictitious scientist who raises many questions about the doomed passenger ship's construction over the course of its three-year build. "

Here is Kevin with costars Neve Campbell and Chris Noth.
The Hollywood Reporter: What attracted you to this role?

Kevin Zegers: I've never really done TV before. I've done a couple of TV shows, but I've always sort of been interested in having the amount of time to do certainly something of this length -- 12 hours long -- and having time to develop a character. I've never really had that before. Usually you have to create a character arc that lasts an hour and a half, so slowly developing a character over 12 hours interested me.

He was asked a few questions about his upcoming role, Alec, in The Mortal Instruments:
THR: Was it hard to master the accent?

Zegers: I have always like doing accents; I find it much easier to get into character for me. It makes it a lot easier to know when I'm working and when I'm not. In [The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, a movie Zegers is currently shooting with Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Lena Headey], I'm doing an accent as well. I worked with a voice coach five years ago in Belfast, and we used the same voice coach [for Titanic: Blood and Steel]. For me, it's something that helps to create a character.

THR: How is the Mortal Instruments shoot going?

Zegers: We're a few months into it. Titanic has been airing here in Canada [where the movie is filming], so people are getting to see it and give their feedback, and everyone seems to be liking it. It's been a good 18 months for me. I'm really proud of Titanic; it sort of has nothing to do with the sinking of the ship. it's more about the era of when the ship is being built and the politics of Belfast at the time. If people like period drama, I think they are going to like this show.
You can check out the preview of Titanic: Blood and Steel and read the rest of the article here.
'Titanic:Blood and Steel' will air on October 8, 2012-October 13, 2012 on Encore in the United States. It is currently airing in Canada.


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