Thursday, October 4, 2012

Godfrey Gao and Sideburns guy (Jeff) on set!

Cassandra Clare shared a pretty awesome photo from set with us today! It is of Godfrey Gao and Jeff (sideburns guy).


"SET PHOTO: So enough about Kevin and Godfrey - the true bromance of the Mortal Instruments set is Godfrey and SIDEBURNS GUY!
(This is not Godfrey in his Magnus costume, just in regular clothes on the set. He still looks ridiculously handsome of course. And Sideburns Guy is also stunning. I don’t just say that because he kindly brought me tea one day.)"

Let us know how you feel about having another picture of Godfrey on set. Or tell us how cool you think Sideburns Guy is.

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