Friday, October 12, 2012

Film Friday #2: Lena Headey-Jocelyn Fray vs Ma-Ma

When Lena Headey was announced as Jocelyn Fray, I was excited because I had seen some of her work before.  If you didn’t know she played Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones.

Lena’s latest movie to be released is called Dredd where she plays Ma-Ma. It is based on a comic strip Judge Dredd. I will be comparing both of her characters Jocelyn and Ma-Ma.

I finally found time to go see her latest movie, Dredd. I walked into the movie theater with my popcorn and 3D glasses found a perfect seat and waited for the movie to start. During the previews a ‘The Hobbit’ trailer came on. I squealed because I knew that Aidan Turner (our Luke Garroway) is in that movie. This preview coming on before Dredd made my day. Our Jocelyn and Luke were somehow connected.

Now let’s get to the characters. Their appearances are totally different.

The first sighting of Lena Headey as Ma-Ma is when she’s in a bathtub. Her look is very rugged. She wears a t-shirt and jeans the whole time. Ma-Ma has scars on her cheek on the right side of her face. She also has a few tattoos. While Jocelyn was barely in ‘City of Bones’ her first appearance is when she comes home with Luke. She is an artist so her clothes were of course paint spattered. Jocelyn is described as slim and beautiful.

Their personalities are also not the same. Jocelyn is a mother so she cares more about her daughter than she does herself. She is also a little overprotective of Clary. Jocelyn tries to keep Clary away from the shadowhunter world because of what happened to her when she was younger. Ma-Ma on the other hand has no children and cares about no one but herself. The people that work for her are the closest thing that she has to a family and yet she could care less if something happens to them. Ma-Ma is her own person and could care less about what anyone thinks about her.

Ma-Ma and Jocelyn are very different but they do share some of the same qualities. They both left situations that were toxic for them. Jocelyn left her husband and her life in Idris and Ma-Ma left her pimp ex-boyfriend. That is how she got those scars on her face. Though Jocelyn changed her life for the better, Ma-Ma did not. She ended up being a big drug lord and took over an entire apartment complex to sell drugs out of.

Ma-Ma lost her life because of the things that she did, but she was not afraid of death. Jocelyn lost her family and the friends that grew up with to get away from something that wasn’t good for her.

Lena Headey did such a great job as Ma-Ma. She played evil so very well. I cannot wait to see her Jocelyn Fray. They are two totally different people.

I suggest that everyone go see this movie. Not only is our Jocelyn Fray, Lena Headey in it, but it is an awesome film.

What are your views on this? Did you like Dredd? How do you feel about Lena Headey playing Jocelyn?

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