Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thriller Thursday #2: Comparing TMI Vs. TVD Vamps

TMI Cast. From Left to Right. Simon, Jace, Clary, Alec, Isabelle

Hey fellow Shadowhunters and lovers of all things supernatural! Since tonight is the premiere of “The Vampire Diaries” Season four (insert squeal of excitement here.) For this week’s Thriller Thursday I will be comparing the vampires from The Mortal Instruments with the ones from The Vampire Diaries!
Okay now we all know that the vampires in TMI and TVD are different from the ones in the Twilight saga, I mean for one they don’t sparkle at all… sorry I got a little off base there didn’t I? Anyway lets compare how TMI and TVD vamps are the same and how they are different. Exciting stuff right? 
To start off with lets talk about Simon Lewis  from TMI (see pics above). Simon is in love with Clary, who despite being a shadow hunter is human. In all fairness when Simon fell in love with her he was still human, but the similarities between that love story and TVD Salvatore, Elena love triangle are very similar. Clary, like Elena has two guys who are after her devotion( I know what some of you are thinking, Two guys? I can barely get one! ahh the joys of television.) Simon has to compete with the wonderful Jace to get Clary’s attention. In the Vampire Diaries, Stefan Salvatore, a very hot mysterious vampire, falls in love with Elena, a beautiful but normal human. After Elena’s parents car crashes into the river, with her in it. She is saved by Stefan and thus falls in love with her hero not knowing that he was a vamp at the time. When Damon Salvatore, a much hotter vampire in my opinion, comes along, he through a series of events also falls in love with Elena, but he can’t act of his feelings because of Stefan. Elena can’t choose between the two because she has feelings for both brothers but she ultimately chooses Stefan. Are you guys still with me here?
TVD cast. from right to left. Caroline, Damon, Jeremy, Bonnie, Stefan, and Elena
Ok good. Now on to Caroline Forbes. Like Camille Belcourt from TMI, Caroline is a beautiful blonde bombshell. Camille and Caroline are similar in the aspect that they both fell in love with a werewolf ( a vamp’s sworn enemy.) Caroline isn’t a cold hearted killer unlike Camille, who will kill when it suits her. Personally out of all the female vamps that come and go in TVD Caroline is my favorite because despite being a vampire she is still really sweet and loving, but she will also do anything to protect her friends and family at any cost.
Klaus Mikaelson another TVD Vamp is the shows main antagonist. Klaus is after Elena because she has something that Klaus very much wants and needs. You might be wondering who in TMI is similar to Klaus. When I think of Klaus, what comes to mind is Alexei De Quincy from TMI. Alexei was after Clary because, like Elena, she too had something that Alexei believed he needed to achieve his ultimate goal. Like Klaus, Alexei will kill anyone who gets in his way, or if he’s mad he’ll kill just to let some steam off. Klaus is one of the original Vamps which means he is very, very old like Alexei. Though in the show Klaus hides his age VERY well! J When I watched the Twilight Saga I was on team Werewolf, but after watching the Vampire Diaries and reading The Mortal Instruments, I am now a vampire “fangatic” see what I did there? No matter what your view on the vampire world is I think that it is safe to say that no girl can resist and very sexy fanged guy!
I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Sound off in the comments section and tell us who your favorite vamp is and why!

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  1. Who was the smart one to make Isabelle's short and Clary tall? I can understand switching minor details about appearance, but Isabelle's height affected how Clary reacted to her. I just hope the movie is not ruined in general.


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