Sunday, October 21, 2012

Shadowhunter Tweets o' the Week

It's been a fun week for Shadowhunters! Here's some highlights from the best of the week that was October 14-20, 2012:

He SWEARS he doesn't know who put that on IMDB, but I can confirm the hotness of said buns. Ahem. :-D
Every time I see the video shout out with Robbie Sheehan, I totally fan girl the hell out
"Read the Mortal Instruments" they said. "They're fun books" they said. "Why are you lying on the floor sobbing" they said.
thud thud thud thud that's not my heartbeat I just fell down the stairs ;)

unittyyy asked: Hello, can you tell us when is the trailer of the movie coming out? Thank you

no one can play him better than Jonny

RT : "people say that Robert is much more beautiful in person, is that true?" Downey Jr? :D

"I kind of doubt he sent a Ravener demon to [Jocelyn's] house because he wants to 'get back together,'"

I'm sure he has cookies.

he loves Jocelyn until he died

se enamoro de Jocelyn.... Y creo a Clary y si no hay Clary no habria esa historia con Jace....

he was absolutely right when he said the Clave was corrupted.

RT : " Will Sizzy have a baby in CoHF?" No.

I don't, unless it's key to the story somehow - like, Clary's is in august, Alec's in September, Jace's in Januaryish...

RT : The Mortal Interview: Cassandra Clare on TMI, Diversity - eek.

And their parents RT ♥“: I thank God, Sony, Constantin, Screen Gems and the wonderful casting team for a PERFECT TMI cast. :)”

I'd join his circle any day
@TMI_Institute I'm pretty sure his fb status would be 'it's complicated'

come on, he is nothing compared to Voldemort. Now that was one crazy fuck

Who else can't wait to see play Valentine? *raises hand!*

Ben Barnes, the best Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern.

Way to go Shadowhunters! The MORTAL INSTRUMENTS movie Facebook page has eclipsed over 100,000 fans!


ERMERGERD! Klaine dancing in the new Glee promo, ROBERT FREAKING SHEEHAN advertising City of Bones. Man, this is a wild Saturday night

Starting this new book called City Of Bones has a shirtless dude on the cover so i must have chosen wisely

Fan of Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments? I'm adapting it for . Check out this free preview.

: when people say they don't like or some part of it                 

Haha yesss! RT : “Well, you needn’t act as if I invented it,” said Will.

Gideon & Sophie would be a cute couple.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.........a million times worse than death!!!!

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