Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hit show Love/Hate gets raunchier in ratings battle via @independent_ie

I found this article on Independent.ie, and thought I would share since the Irish show Love/Hate features The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones star Robert Sheehan. In October 2010, he was offered the part of Darren, a member of gangland Dublin in the four-part drama Love/Hate on RTÉ One (Irish national television). The link to the article and video is at the bottom. The video is for mature audiences only.

IT COVERED the sordid subject of drugs, gangland and the toll on personal lives - and did so according to critics in an almost artistic way.
Now, Love/Hate seems to be chasing ratings. That's if the trailer for the latest series is anything to go by.
Bear in mind too, that this trailer is for more mature audiences only.
It features drug taking and strippers at a gangsters' party - and already has been viewed almost 10,000 times online.
The trailer for the RTE drama has attracted much comment with some fans delighted at getting a sneak peek into the new series – and an idea of where the storyline is going.
The advance footage sees gang leader Nidge (Tom Vaughan-Lawlor), Darren (Robert Sheehan), Tommy and Debbie partying - no doubt after some hit or the arrival of a drugs shipment .
Also joining them is Fran – who was an opposing gang-leader in the last series but looks to have joined forces with Nidge’s gang.
Interestingly, Fran and Debbie (who was slain gang leader John Boy’s girlfriend in the second series) look to be together.
Fans will remember that in the last series, Nidge had a fling behind Fran’s back with his girlfriend Linda.
When Nidge was ordered to throw a pipe-bomb into Fran’s home by gang boss John Boy, Linda was left injured and subsequently took her own life.
As Fran and Debbie party, Tommy, who is married to Nidge’s niece, looks on. Viewers will remember how Tommy and Debbie forged a close bond together in the last series.
Nidge is seen snorting a large amount of drugs, while clenching his fists in an apparent fit of anger.
‘Love/Hate’ returns to our screens before Christmas.

Video: Hit show Love/Hate gets raunchier in ratings battle via @independent_ie

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