Friday, October 26, 2012

The Mortal Instruments stars Meyers, Sheehan and Turner spotted by @MrWillW

Mr. Will Wong has been hunting through Toronto once again and scored some very lucky pictures and videos of Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Valentine) as well as pictures with Robert Sheehan (Simon) and Aidan Turner (Luke).

"Based on the overwhelming amount of requests for more, I put-in a bit of Legwork and was lucky enough to spot the brilliant Jonathan Rhys Meyers tonight on his way back from doing Groceries, following a day at work on the Set of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. 
Fans who have met Meyers during his stay in Toronto have had nothing but glowing comments about the Irish Actor and I actually have both Photographic and Video Proof of his kindness. See these overjoyed Fans receive a kiss from him after he was touched by their generous gesture of a Gift."

As for meeting Robert Sheehan:
"Decked-out in a Fedora and an amazing Fur-lined Petticoat (it was faux he tells me!), the Actor headed-out with his Friend after a long day on-set, stopping to greet Fans and sign a few Autographs. What’s that? You’d want one too? Of course! Some Fans noted that he was out at Massey Hall the other night enjoying The XX’s Show earlier this week and recently also participated in the Zombie Walk."

On the 25th October, Mr Wong also managed to get a quick meet with Aidan Turner:

"The handsome Actor sporting a Blonde Streak in his wavy hair, was spotted tonight in Toronto awaiting the arrival of his Girlfriend, later going out for a stroll together. Amazingly, he was able to multitask greeting his Girlfriend and snapping Photos with Fans at once. Talent!"

Looking very furry there, Aidan, if you don't mind me saying so. :)

I think many of us are probably foaming at the mouth with jealousy right now. It's nice that the actors took time out to greet fans. And of course thank you to @MrWillW for tweeting that he'd spotted these guys. We're very grateful for the news. 

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