Monday, October 15, 2012

Music Monday #2: "Bones" by Young Guns

When I'm reading The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, I tend to think of driving rock songs, particularly in scenes where they are fighting. I can thank soundtracks like Resident Evil for that, where you can hear bands like Slipknot, Flyleaf and Marilyn Manson under battle scenes.

Today's Music Monday features Young Guns, a British rock band who released their second album, Bones, on September 4, 2012. They are currently signed to Wind-up Records (other big bands on the label are Evanescence and Creed), and are ready to make a huge splash across the pond. The band opened for Seether for their first American tour this summer.

Wind-up Records CEO Edward Vetri had this to say. "Once we heard Bones and then saw Young Guns play live, we knew we had to bring this band to the U.S. They've built a very passionate fan base across the U.K. and we look forward to amplifying their success on this side of the pond."

Lead vocalist Gustav Wood's incredible rock voice and lyrics makes this song, "Bones", a perfect song for the TMI soundtrack. If nothing else than the amazing guitar riffs and driving refrain, I'm sold on the fact that this band is one that could take on the Shadowhunter world with a great song. Take a listen to this song and see if you agree:

Young Guns are currently on the UK stretch of the Vans Office the Wall Music Night tour with We Are the In Crowd, Your Demise and Marmozets. You can check out the rest of their tour here. You can check out more music from the Young Guns at their website. Follow them on the follow social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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