Monday, October 1, 2012

Cassandra Clare answers fans movie questions

Cassandra Clare decided to post some answers to a few City of Bones movie questions that fans have asked.

Movie Questions Asked and Answered
Cassi! First of all I would like to say that I really admire you. So, as a fan of Malec I have to please, please, ask you for a pic of Godfrey and Kevin together. Will you?? <3 Thanks! 
Unfortunately, I can’t do that.  I don’t post pictures of hands because I have a weird hand fetish, I post hands because it’s all I am allowed to post. Anything with sets, costumes, makeup, shoes, etc. Is strictly embargoed and cannot be posted. I had to get special permission for the  hand photos, too. This is because the movie people would really rather release professional, beautiful pictures to be your first look at the actors and characters in costume rather than amateur photos taken on phones.
gigglesandshizz asked you:
How did you get us the picture? what did Kevin and Godfrey say?
Godfrey’s assistant had the phone, chased him around for hours and got it. The actors on the set are rarely in one place at one time unless they’re filming, and if they’re filming, obviously you can’t wander into the shot.
so maybe some Sizzy hands and some Clace hands now?”
I’m not on the set any more. :) I sadly do not live there. There is a picture with Lily and Jamie’s hands together with mine and Grace’s, but anything with Robbie and Jemima may have to wait.
jabberjaypb asked you:
Kinda random question, but do you know the brand and name of the nail polish they have on Godfrey? 
Hee! The nail polish is actually dark blue. I have no idea what brand.
potatohunter asked you:
Because of the very conservative view of society these days, I have been wondering whether or not the issue of Alec’s sexuality as well as Magnus’s clear interest in Alec will be incorporated into the film. I ask because, being a ‘malec’ fan myself, it would be a great disappointment to see their relationship, as well as a major aspect of Alec’s character, being stripped from the movie. However, if this were to be included, I expect much praise in reviews as well as from fans all over the world.”
I agree with you. (Though there will be hate, as there always is, I do not expect it to come from either reviews or fans.)
While I have always tried to be clear that I don’t control the final edit of the film (or any edit!) I’d be surprised if that plotline was cut. I’ve seen both Kevin and Godfrey talk about their characters’ sexuality in interviews. The fact that Alec was gay was part of his audition. I cannot imagine them making him straight.
Can you tell us if the cast of the Mortal Instruments is what you expected or more? 
P.S And something about Godfrey Gao would be nice too 
Godfrey is tall, and holds doors for ladies.
I am very happy with the cast. They are all talented actors. They’re smart, they’re professional, they get along: when I was up at the set the whole crew from the drivers to the lighting guys kept saying that they were extraordinary, exceptionally nice and talented (and gorgeous). They are even very like their characters in a lot of ways: Lily is sweet, and Jamie is playfully sarcastic, and Kevin is grounded and Jemima is determined and straightforward and Robbie is hilarious. Whatever may ever develop with the film, I’ll always feel lucky I had these amazing actors on board. Were they what I imagined? How could I have imagined anyone specific? I never did. I have pictures of the characters in my head, and those will always remain the same. The actors are a specific interpretation of those characters. As such, I am yes, very happy with them.

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