Saturday, August 25, 2012

365 Days of TMI: Day 363 Alec at Taki's

I thought today since we are showing our love for Kevin Zegers we would continue with a little snippet from the chapter "Magnus Bane"  to round out the day. It's a description of Alec as Clary is listening to him tell a story while at Taki's with Jace and Izzy.
She was looking at Alec instead, watching him as he talked to Jace. There was a kinetic, almost feverish energy to him that hadn't been there before. Something about Jace sharpened him, brought him into focus. If she were going to draw them together, she thought, she would make Jace a little blurry, while Alec stood out, all sharp, clear planes and angles.
This is the moment where Clary realizes just how much Alec cares for Jace, more than just their Parabatai connection. She thinks back to the moment at Java Jones when Jace said, "I was laughing at you because declarations of love amuse me, especially when unrequited." We've all had that moment. You crush on that one guy or girl who clearly doesn't feel the same. You try to be exciting, make them interested in you, and yet it is not enough. They may not even know you exist. No matter if it happened to you yesterday or perhaps 20 years ago, the feelings of rejection, loss, and frustration are still the same. But as we see in the series, the right girl (or guy in this instance) comes along and erases all that hurt and pain. We see it with Alec, Simon and Jocelyn. They all loved someone who was not really the right one for them. It takes truly knowing yourself and discovering what you really feel before you can be happy. See you tomorrow for Day 362.

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